Monday, 13 July 2009

Lavender Festival

This weekend was the Lavender Festival at Castle Farm, Kent. In fact Sunday was the last day, it runs for two consecutive weekends. This was the view from the field where we parked............. I dont know about you but I really like to see yellow and purple together, not everyone's cup of tea I know, must be my Seventies childhood!
This basket was just one of many with bunches and bunches of fresh lavender. I especially liked that they hung the bunches from swags of rope so that it resembled bunting.

You may have read about the festival in Country Living the marquee and gazebos are where they offer massages, how decadent.

This was one of the barns they opened up and had stalls inside, brilliant! you can see the lavender bunches hanging, so simple but en masse it was beautiful.

Back to the stalls, anyone for a lavender meringue with blackberry and blueberry topping? I thought so

I offer these hydrangeas as a little light relief from all those wonderful lavender blue hues, and if in doubt always throw in a splash of pink I say!

I love the hazy light on this fab open barn and the lilac bunting, my photo doesn't do it justice

The view from the top of the lavender field back towards the farm...............................

And finally (stolen from the two Ronnies!) by popular demand. Well actually especially for Hen and Lou and Lisa................the patchwork Hampton Court purchase. First by way of a teaser here is my favourite square!

..................and here it is in situ, in our telly/snug room. Mr.Buster Boodle who is looking wistfully out of the window, wholeheartedly approves and has been snuggled up on it every night since it came home!

Have a lovely week everyone!


  1. Wow! How I wish we had scratch and sniff blogging. That looks like a feat for the senses!! Totally nd utterly beautiful - Can I move in with you?

  2. A sea of lavender, those photos are so pretty.
    I bought a bottle of fizzy rapsberry and lavender from the Taste the Differnece range in Sainsbury's the other week, that was a really summery drink.
    Thanks for showing us the sleeping bag, it's absolutely beautiful, can't blame your dog for nabbing it, I'd want to snuggle on it to!
    Lisa x

  3. Oooh, the throw looks fabulous. I wish I had known about the Lavender fest, we were in Kent yesterday. I had to make do with an hour at Bluewater, not quite the same!
    Hen x

  4. Mr. Buster Boodle has great taste… I love it!

    I was only saying last night I wanted to go and see some lavender fields after my mum brought me over a bunch of lavender. Gorgeous pictures!

    You have a great week too…love Lou xxx

  5. Lavender festival 'in' Kent - I wish I had known about that one. I am soooo behind the times.

    Love the new quilt it looks perfect in the 'snug'

    Nina x

  6. Hi Sarah!
    I read about this festival in CL...unfortunately I'm so far...Thank you for taking me with you! I enjoyed it very much!

  7. What a treat of a post.
    Talk about died and gone to heaven, what a place. That colour! I bet the smell was so relaxing and wonderful.
    Your sofa looks so snuggly and beautiful!

  8. Wow! The lavender looks amazing!I bet the smell was gorgeous.Love your beautiful throw, looks so comforting and inviting,I could just snuggle up on there!
    Thankyou for leaving a commemt on my blog too, so lovely to meet new people!
    Rachel x

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  11. Hi there!
    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day!
    I love lavender..what a shame we don't live nearer!

  12. Now that really is a lavender field - knocks the one I went to recently into a cocked hat!!

    Julia :0)

  13. Absolutely stunning.. I bet it smelt divine!
    Your photos of the Lavender fields remind me of a holiday nr Grasse when I was 12 years old.. the fields of flowers were heavenly.

    Michele x

  14. Look at all that gorgeous lavender!! just found your blog! x

  15. Just found your blog, a super pretty home and a real good read!
    I'll be back!x

  16. Hi Sarah-Jane,

    Thanks for checking out my blog.

    BOM stands for 'Block of the Month'. A lot of quilt patterns (especially the bigger ones) are broken down into blocks - makes them less daunting - and they are sold a block at a time; the idea being that you complete one block each month until it's finished - it also makes it more affordable instead of having to find all the money in one go :0) x

  17. Hi there and thanks for stopping by my blog. IT's nice to make a new friend. The lavender day looks fantastic, but I live in Kent and I had no idea about it..such a shame! Is it a yearly event? Will have to pencil a note on the calendar and look out for it next year. Have a lovely weekend. Dev x

  18. Thanks for the lovely tour... the lavender fields are breathtaking! -- you're so fortunate to have gone to the festival!

  19. Hello! Thank-you for stopping by and what a treat to discover this post! The smell must have been incredible! t.x


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