Wednesday 22 September 2010

Peeping out from the toadstools!

Now if there is one thing that is guaranteed to lure me out of my self imposed hermitage ~ wide eyed and sparklingwith pleasure then it is the wonder of autumn fairy rings that magically spring up overnight in the woods.
The woods are magical at any time but early autumn mornings are glorious. This morning I was rewarded with the prettiest, laciest, leafiest curtain, green with golden shafts of sunlight dancing through it.

The fairies are having a whale of a time weaving their jewelled cobwebs, threading them through twigs and stems and the toadstools are nestled low amongst the moss and early leaf fall.

I get a flutter of excitement with every new one I spot!

Imagine this ring all lit up with fairy lanterns and the dancing.........

Fascinating aren't they?

Time to pause by the gate and breathe in a lungful of warm blackberry breeze

more treasures to spot, tee hee!

I wonder who lives here?

If I had been here half an hour earlier perhaps I would have seen this

Now they are tucked away, hidden from nosey parkers like me! Brunching on fairy cakes I hope

All this musing has reminded me of my favourite fairy from the Magpie and the Wardrobe, here she is

So excited to be back, sorry for the extended silence.....totally unplanned, it seems life got a bit overcrowded!
A warm welcome to you all old and new friends.