Monday, 6 July 2009

Beauti"Firle" day out

"Come on!" he said. "Lets get out and have a walk," he said.
Off we bowled in the car to Firle Beacon, which on a good day feels like being on top of the world."Chocs away!" said the Boodle as the wind lfted his amazing aerodynamic ears! He is officially allowed to say "chocs away" being a choccy lab!

I waxed on about the amazing smell on the breeze, how it smelt of dry grass and clover, the sea and salt.............................. Mr.Lane interrupted this outporing "It smells of Summer." He pronounced, and he was, of course absoloutley right!

After an hour and a half of windswept walking we arrived at the pub, hooray!

The Ram

Lovely food and warm welcome, we found a table outside

This was the view inside from our table

Lovely scrubbed sideboard, candles ready for dusk and such a pretty jug with lilies.

Had to have a little meander through the village just to walk off lunch.

I love, love Firle Stores, just as a village shop should be and still a Post Office too!

Oh and a Red phone kiosk

The window boxes were glorious! They just made me feel really happy!

And amazing flint wall curving round into the lane......

Where the terraces of cottages are so comforting.

(Missing Larkrise!)

The final treat came walking back to the car.

Look at these beautiful Hollyhocks

Happy days! Thanks for a lovely time Mr.Lane x


  1. What superb pics..I love the cottages and the village shop! ;-)

  2. What a picture perfect place to spend a summer day.
    Lisa x

  3. Fantastic views and what a pretty village. Adorable chocolate labrador too. Best wishes.


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