Saturday 24 December 2011


                                                                Gladiator ready?

Woke up early....much to do...first trot around turning on fairy lights and quietly cooing at nice things glittering
I may have given some enticing things a quick shake~squeeze as I passed...
 Oh, and then there were the gifts that couldn't wait and were duly unwrapped with the beady eyes of Godchildren upon me~thank you darlings -x-
 Some beautiful artworks have been created
 And this amazing Christmas Tree man was made especially for Mr.Lane by his Godson~as you can see it is a triumph!
I have "J'Olivered" the "get ahead gravy", Wally Ladded the trifle and about to make a start on the bread sauce...
Thank you for visiting the Lane ~ may I wish you a very Merry Christmas and here's to a happy, healthy 2012.
With Love
Sarah-Jane Down the Lane

ps Olympic training starts in January, can't be too specific on the date yet...will keep you posted -x-

Thursday 22 December 2011

Cooking up a fairytale

In my opinion this is by far and away the absolute standout publication this Christmas.
Not Country Living or Selvedge (Both of which I loved too!) but this...

A sledge piled with mince pies and the outfits du jour? wellies and PJ's and rabbit ears ~ totally Down my Lane!
Congratulations to Emma Hardy the photographer and the stylists Aurelia Donaldson, Sarah Parker and Vanessa Pike. I take my Christmas hat of bunny ears off to you all!

 Hmmm, I had better just check to see if the tree needs watering!
Fairytale Christmas greetings to you all.

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Oh Tannenbaum....


The other day I took myself off to fulfill a long held ambition. 
It was late afternoon when I left the Lane and it seemed to me the whole of Sussex was burnished gold - the kind of light I had hitherto thought only existed in episodes of Morse.

The ambition? Oh to see the largest Christmas tree in England!
Yes, at Wakehurst place every December the tallest Redwood in the grounds is lit with hundreds and hundreds of white bulbs. I am told that if you are flying into Gatwick after dark it is easily visible!

Doesn't look much yet, but just look at that slanting winter light...
The red red rose was blooming her way on towards Christmas...
Ironwork adorned with berries...
...and a fairytale doorway
This hushed and magical walled garden caused a stab of pain in the ribs, sheer joy I think!
I felt just as Mary did when she discovered the garden... I looked around for Ben Weatherstaff but I didn't see him.
jacket image for The Secret Garden - large version
I did fall in love with the lace in the trees though
Doesn't look much yet I know, but as the light fades away...
...and the dusky violet begins to wash the sky as the sun slides beyond the hills
The crinoline skirt of two thousand strung bulbs fizzes into life
 and you hold your breath a little bit too long and last!
How lovely are your branches