Thursday, 9 July 2009

Hampton Court Flower Show

Hello hello! I went to Hampton Court Palace yesterday to the Flower Show, heavenly day. So grab a cuppa and let me show you the teensiest slice of all the things I liked, lots of pictures and no babble from me if I can possibly help it (unlikely!)
Seriously dont ask! I have no idea what was going on but it caused a very inappropriate guffaw from me and SIL and I had to make a hasty exit from this particular Marquee, not quite Men in Union Jack pants but not a million miles away either!
Anyway, on to the beautiful stars of the show..........................................

This poppy is called "Ladybird" I think it's perfect

My heart broke to think that this pebble mosaic will be dug up at the end of the week. I offered to take it home but "computer said no"

You knew if there was one there I would find it!

This whole display was full of herbs planted in unlikely objects, I loved it

What lucky chickens

Couldn't quite get this in my bag

There was this one awful moment where those pants looked terrifyingly familiar but then I remembered I was wearing them !

I long for a pizza oven in the garden a la Jamie Oliver, Sarah Raven et al.

This one is for you Dids!

He said "I dont know anyone else who goes to a flower show and comes home with a patchwork quilt"

"Oh I do" I said breezily "lots of people do."

(And anyway its a patchwork sleeping bag.)

Message from my Editor in Chief (Him down the lane.):

"There are far too many pictures in this entry you must learn to edit them down and only show your very very best! "

So I have left the other 103 images out for now!


  1. So many beautiful things to comment on!
    Love the ladybird poppy, the allium, the mosiac, the caravan is swoon worthy. Well all the photos are really! Look forward to seeing more and will we get to the sleeping bag proper like?!
    Lisa x

  2. You can put as many pictures as you like on your blog, I loved them all!
    I didn’t go this year! :0( my knickers look like apple catches on the line, so my boys tell me, gone are the days of my knickers looking like dental floss.

    I would love the chicken house and the pizza oven!

    Love Lou xxx

  3. Looks fabulous, you must have had a great day and of course, everyone buys patchwork sleeping bags at garden shows! Pleeease can we see it al rolled out in all its glory?
    Hen x

  4. Beautiful pictures and I love that gypsy style caravany, wagony thingy!!

    Nina x

    ps. sorry booty is mine 'all' mine!!

    pps. not sure about the condition 'crochlexia' - could be possible though honestly it has taken me over a year to learn the one pattern now I daren't try anything else for fear of 'crochet confusion' - now that is definitely a condition!

    N x

  5. I need every single thing in every single picture!! I really love your blog.

  6. Hello
    I have just discovered your blog. Beautiful colours and fantastic photography!
    I am having a giveaway if you wish to pop by.
    Isabelle x


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