Tuesday 22 April 2014

On reflection...

...I should have walked further...
 Thank goodness ( before I edited this post I had rather appropriately, yet unwittingly, written thank Godness! )Mr.Lane dragged me, my chocolate choked body and my chocolate crazed labradog across Ashdown Forest yesterday.

On reflection, yes, I should have walked further, eaten less, imbibed less...But I wouldn't change the laughter or the company...and I didn't need the chocolate for either of those things to be true.
The walking was good~the noticing was better. 
Rich chocolate-eggy coloured landscape wrapped in felty green.
Silty holes filled with fresh rainfall magnifying paw prints, hair floating into grassy tufts, silvered mercury puddles with me in them. That watery girl half wanted to stay there, staring back skywards....
 ...I should have walked further...

Thursday 10 April 2014

Floral Circus

Persephone has lead me a merry Spring dance this week. Showering me with flora at every turn, confetti like abundance...she conducts the Circus of blossom with great deftness, it's heady and it's seductive, slowly you realise you're a little drunk on nectar.

Rosy dawn arrives with her misty veil and cherry blossom bunting...
The girl on the train had feathery long lashes and the tiniest nose. Blonde wisps gathered in tiny clips...she reminded me of  a flower fairy...
In Carnaby Street, spring bulbs!
...and around the corner, outside Liberty, velvety fragrant abundance, symphonic colour...
Walking on towards Shepherds Market, Act 1, Scene 2 of  us* 
Blown sideways like a spore, I hadn't anticipated the nostalgia. It's a thrill to be here, there's "our" Trattoria. 

I open the gallery door and there is an abundance of paint ordered by Virginia's brush strokes. 
Blowsy bouquets in oil and acrylic dance across the walls whilst patterned chickens cavort amongst them.
At home, a desire to catalogue, capture all. 
I snip buds and bracts. Petals spin in the breeze I try to catch them, elusive as snowflakes.
I will press these and later, when I find them again, all tissue paper thin, delicate corpses I will have this spring moment again. 
I begin to imagine each flower is a costume in a Spring Circus.
I hastily draw a tent. Laughing, I answer the phone.
"What are you doing?"
"I'm making a flower Circus!"
"Of course you are!" 
We laugh.
 That night I fall into a heavy hay feverish sleep and I dream of the Circus...
* After we met in Act 1, Scene 1, Jolly Harbour. Mr.Lane and I would meet up every Friday in Shepherd's Market. 
I longed for Fridays all week.

**Virginia Griffith-Jones is exhibiting recent works in Shepherd's Market. Hurry though as it finishes Friday. Details here.