Thursday, 23 July 2009

Mornington Memories

My "Faraways" are a really really long way away on the other side of the world in Australia.
I have been thinking about them a lot recently as it was Poppy's First Birthday.
Last time we met she was just an Ickle Pickle in my PenSIL's tummy, around 12 weeks I think!
So it is a little indulgement of me but I had to look at all the photos of the last time we were all together.

And here I am sharing some of the loveliness with you!
The wonderful emerald carpet studded with yellow flowers is at King Arthur's Seat. Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

This red car was parked outside a fab vineyard called Montalto. They have so got things figured out! You can have lunch , quaff the wine whilst gazing across the terraces of vines. Oh and they grow a lot of the fruit and veg on site too!

See what I mean!

Seriously glorious!

This became my plant obsession whilst out there! Kind of lupinsque it is a perennial. I have forgotten the name but I know that Burncoose Nursery in Cornwall has them! I will not be returning without my very own specimen this summer.

Anyway I shall end with this jumble of pics
I have lost the will to live whilst trying to ..

make them neat and mosaic like!
It seems like such an achingly long time to be apart it is so good to be reminded of Happy times together.
Wonderful memories, bless all you faraways we miss you lots x x x


  1. Hee! Hee! I couldn't help laughing out loud over 'have lost the will to live part' completely understand-Darn the mosaics! Lovely photographs I especially Love the Buster pic in the sand :0)

  2. Beautiful photographs - I can feel the heat of the sunshine in them.

  3. Happy days, happy days!!

    Nina x

  4. We faraways are crossing all our old and chubby young fingers with the hope we might be seeing you soon for another achingly lovely time together...say no more. Far away, so close, PenSIL, Diddy, Pops (and shhhhhh secret Simon) xxxxxxxxxxxx


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