Thursday 31 March 2011

Apple Blossom

Nod to Pen at Cottage Industry,
simply had to include her doily tree in this photo montage
as it seemed so perfect amongst the buds and blossoms.

Ok I admit I am becoming a little obsessive on this subject ( see my Eve's Pudding post here)
but I make no apologies as it has spurred me to share this beautiful fairytale of a song by Esperanza Spalding.

I can't begin to explain the loveliness so when you have a quiet moment have a listen.........

Esperanza Spalding - Apple Blossom(part. Milton Nascimento)

Just had to paint the blossom currently starring on the kitchen table.

Thank you to Belinda at Wild Acre who made me brave enough to show you x

Thursday 24 March 2011

Indigo-violet spring

Morning broke bright - crisp - blue - and clear.
Hooray - This early bird has a stall at the Hever Spring Fair today.

The fair is being held in the pavilion at Hever Castle in Kent ( childhood home of Anne Boleyn. )

Walking from the car park at 7.30 am towards the lake the day was full of extraordinary promise. ( Before you think me terribly organised to be up and at them at such an ungodly hour I should say that the Lane is only two miles from the castle and I packed the car last night! )

I promptly set about unpacking my wares!

As I was finishing a friend whispered that she wanted to whizz out and see if the "blue garden" was out. The Blue Garden? What blue garden? I quizzed as she disappeared round the bend and through an archway.

Oh my goodness this exquisite garden unfurled before me, all hyacinths, violets and pansies sweet scents wafted into the morning breeze. All encasedwithin wonderful old brick walls I simply want to show you how beautiful it is.....

Just heavenly.....

Hmm, must get back to work!


Saturday 19 March 2011

Hmmm, what to wear?

The sun has got his hat firmly on!
Spring is taking hold of the garden and my thoughts are turning from Uggs and plaids to flowers and stripes.

For my inspiration I am torn between two films

The joyously kookie Annie Hall and the brilliant seventies styling
The edge of love, all nostalgic florals teamed with handknits and wellies

One thing unites them ~ the ubiquitous hat be it trilby, panama or floppy felt
( I am dusting off Grandpa's original and slightly frayed panama.)

Oh I don't know, shall we just have a nice cup of tea and think about it?

Those of you who know me well will have already deduced that wellies are of course non- negotiable whatever the rest of the outfit looks like! Tee hee........

Sunday 6 March 2011

Pale hound on a mouse's back

Pale Hound and Mouse's Back are the colours of Durgan, my very favourite village in Cornwall. Farrow and Ball paint colours as you will have guessed already. I love to walk along the coast path from Mawnan Shere to the Ferry Boat inn.

Incidentally we watched the England v France 6 Nations game here and it was brilliant!
Hello to Ella, did you manage your Bath Half Marathon? Any updates on the cutlery front?
I shall be posting about Cornish Knife Tales soon!

In the meantime I am enjoying playing with yellow and soft greys, my wardrobe is being ransacked to put together lovely outfits in these hues!

The sun has been kind to us so far this week, I am off with Mr.Boodle to feel its rays warm my back,

Soon xXx