Tuesday 21 July 2009

Geraniums and garden produce

Ok so this lovely jumble of old seed packet postcards is my little homage to your lovely mosaics! I dont think I have mastered the technique though!
And now for the geranium bit

You probably remember I mentioned that MIL is a little bit gifted in the world of geraniums, well I thought it was about time I showed you! This is her conservatory which is positively dripping with geraniums and other lovely things......................

Anyone for a G & T?

Here is the view from the outside looking in......

Back to the Garden Produce side of things. Last year there were positively no plums! This year well have a look for yourselves....................

Meanwhile outside the back door a nice crop of runner beans is busy scrambling up it's wigwam, I can see the bumble bees buzzing on and off the orange and white flowers from my desk.

Tonights little mini harvest....mmm I think a summer vegetable quiche......................................

Here we go, yum

with some of these sliced and drizzled with good olive oil

All served up in a cosy cosy kitchen

Call in for tea any time, See you soon x


  1. That all looks fab. Loving the old seed packets. Your MIL is obviously very green fingered indeed. I love the hanging wirework basket.
    Enjoy the yummy quiche.
    Hen x

  2. Hello...I like your postcards!
    Your veg has come out well and looks yummy!x

  3. That is some conservetory!! I had similar success with the mosaics - must try harder!!! I'm very partial to a nice slice of quiche. xx

  4. I am absolute pants at mosaics - it seems to take me 'forever' to try and put it all together then when I do post my efforts it all comes out wrong!! I think you have done a wonderful job.

    Loving the old seed packet postcards, enormous crop bounty and conservatory too.

    Nina x

  5. Hi Sarah!
    Your conservatory is wonderful! You're so lucky to have such a relaxing place!
    I agree with the other girls, the old seed packets are really lovely!

  6. The postcard of the kitchen looks so cosy, wouldn't mind havign a cuppa there.
    Looks like you've all got many talents in your family!
    Lisa x

  7. Hi, yes please too the G&T and quiche!

    I would love a conservatory like that, I can see myself very happy sat in their reading, what time can I visit the MIL??????

    Love Lou xxx

  8. Loving the Mosaic piccy displays :0) After seeing your blog I thought I'd give it a go...I think I need more practice as the order I put them in comes out completely different once I click 'publish post' LOL! Hannah x

  9. The geraniums are beautiful - I'd love to sit in the conservatory & admire them!

    Enjoy your veggies.



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