Friday 26 July 2013

myriad of...

Overloaded Bike in Shanghai, China


I have discovered a new order to the spectrum

It goes like this: henna, marigold, saffron, aloe, lapis, indigo, orchid
Here I am an outlaw striding toward the outer reaches
of awe the edges of every colour. I wring out
each shade until laughing I invent new ones

There is something I have seen or only dreamed
In a sun hushed alley shifting beams of memory
Honey the shadowedstreet tatters of whispers
Dark and spice wafted the burnish of ancient wonder
Still gilds the arched pathway echoing now
With the tender hooves of a young goat

The universe diverges here. I go home
Remembering. I stay forever. I see.
What they have seen. They have tasted the spices
I hold in my mouth. In muted observance
In a palace built for a favourite queen
In the cheerful dishevelment of colour. I am.

Here the shade and sun love me equally
I fill a palm with green cardamom
I bend toward a heap of tea leaves
Crushing tangible memories between
My fingers releasing a rush of recollection
Rich as living. Always mine. Always mine.

poem found in Anthropologie catalogue, author unknown



I am dedicating this post to Polly...on your Birthday

Friday 19 July 2013

Painted Garden

Last week I had lunch with good friends at Virginia's house....she is an artist and I was longing to see what she has been working on, fancy a sneak peak? 
...we sat in her amazing garden amongst the roses and the bumble bees...a riot of scent and colour...we babbled and talked and mused...ate and drank and babbled...and then she showed us her watercolour sketches for new canvases...a joyous riot of flowers, pattern and colour... we swooned...
...later, I was reflecting on all the luminous colours, layered, sheer watercolours and remembered this poem that always makes me smile and think of Virginia...

I have discovered a new order to the spectrum

It goes like this: henna marigold saffron aloe
lapis indigo orchid. Here I am an outlaw
an adventurer striding toward the outer reaches of awe
the edges of every colour. I wring out
each shade until laughing I invent new ones.

You can see more of Virginia's work here
I will post more of this lovely poem about colour next time. I found it a few years back in an Anthropologie catalogue, I have no idea who the author is and a Google search has proved fruitless, if you happen to know I would be thrilled if you would update me.
Until then...Test Match Special awaits...

Sunday 14 July 2013

Time for a catch up?

Breakfast under the tree....warm breeze...the roses scenting the air...close my eyes and burn the negative into my memory...

~~~'s been too long....far, far too long. I have been aching to get back here. Been a bit off kilter, all for lovely reasons, you know, with only the real world as an excuse!
Far away brother visit, Magpie visit, photo shoot, party in the Cowshed, Hampton Court Flower Show, sheep droving, Seaside, fencing, party in the garden, tractor,Wimbledon, cricket, ironing (something had to give!)

And so to begin our catch up, here is the Cowshed all dolled up ready for the Waltons to arrive...

We had a brilliant, John-Boy, Jim-Bob, Mary-Ellen, Erin, Ben at al!
As the darkness fell we lit a fire and tea~lights...watched the flames dance...and so did we...
simple: confiture pots with waxine lights
*...I hope the dance lasts all summer long...

All the images here are mine with this exception * from Nathiya Prathnadi via Flickr