Tuesday 28 July 2009

Off to Cornwall!

Yea, we are off to Cornwall at Sparrows tommorrow!

and I shall once again feast my eyes on "Fraggle Rock!" well strictly speaking St.Anthony Lighthouse but it was the location for said programme too!

Some messing about in boats will definately be on the agenda

and lots and lots of rootling around on the beaches looking for treasure

hopefully the nieces, nephews, hubby and BILs will pick up some silver at the Regatta

Mr.Boodle will indulge his passion for beach hopping via Dory

and I will indulge my agapanthus/hydrangea passion!
Happy hols to you all, I will be back in a couple of weeks, hopefully with tales of the Homespun Fair. I hope to meet some of my Bloggy friends, if I am brave enough to introduce myself! Look out for me there, I will be wearing my Liberty Print top no matter what the weather says!


Friday 24 July 2009

Jammy rainy days

Mmmmm, what shall we do? I'm bored and Mr.Boodle is thinking about chewing my yellow file! Lets go into the kitchen and have a little rootle around....................................................
Quick scan around, oh yes those plums! Lets make jam!
The rain is absoloutely tipping down outside so we shall hunker down and simmer and stew these ruby beauties......

Now while they are simmering I think we should have a hunt for some pretty Tana Lawn for their pretty lid caps................................... aha!

Maybe with a golden Chrysanthemum?

Yes that is definately better

Sorry I cant get a better close up of this gorgeous cottage garden tana lawn, but it reminds me of a 1930's illustration or a Gertrude Jekyll long border.

I have been faffing about so long I do believe the sun is beginning to break through the rain clouds. Oh just one more shot, lovely plum jam

Come on Mr.Boodle, you cant just lie around the kitchen all day lets get out for a stroll around 40 acre field and then later we will have jam on fresh crunchy bread and a nice cup of Rosie-Lee!

Thursday 23 July 2009

Mornington Memories

My "Faraways" are a really really long way away on the other side of the world in Australia.
I have been thinking about them a lot recently as it was Poppy's First Birthday.
Last time we met she was just an Ickle Pickle in my PenSIL's tummy, around 12 weeks I think!
So it is a little indulgement of me but I had to look at all the photos of the last time we were all together.

And here I am sharing some of the loveliness with you!
The wonderful emerald carpet studded with yellow flowers is at King Arthur's Seat. Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.

This red car was parked outside a fab vineyard called Montalto. They have so got things figured out! You can have lunch , quaff the wine whilst gazing across the terraces of vines. Oh and they grow a lot of the fruit and veg on site too!

See what I mean!

Seriously glorious!

This became my plant obsession whilst out there! Kind of lupinsque it is a perennial. I have forgotten the name but I know that Burncoose Nursery in Cornwall has them! I will not be returning without my very own specimen this summer.

Anyway I shall end with this jumble of pics
I have lost the will to live whilst trying to ..

make them neat and mosaic like!
It seems like such an achingly long time to be apart it is so good to be reminded of Happy times together.
Wonderful memories, bless all you faraways we miss you lots x x x

Tuesday 21 July 2009

Geraniums and garden produce

Ok so this lovely jumble of old seed packet postcards is my little homage to your lovely mosaics! I dont think I have mastered the technique though!
And now for the geranium bit

You probably remember I mentioned that MIL is a little bit gifted in the world of geraniums, well I thought it was about time I showed you! This is her conservatory which is positively dripping with geraniums and other lovely things......................

Anyone for a G & T?

Here is the view from the outside looking in......

Back to the Garden Produce side of things. Last year there were positively no plums! This year well have a look for yourselves....................

Meanwhile outside the back door a nice crop of runner beans is busy scrambling up it's wigwam, I can see the bumble bees buzzing on and off the orange and white flowers from my desk.

Tonights little mini harvest....mmm I think a summer vegetable quiche......................................

Here we go, yum

with some of these sliced and drizzled with good olive oil

All served up in a cosy cosy kitchen

Call in for tea any time, See you soon x

Sunday 19 July 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Poppy

My precious niece Pops is ONE today!
Happy Birthday Pixie.
I was inspired by the wonderful collages for the Homespun Fair and the Vintage and Homemade Fair, and above is my attempt.

This is the prettiest part of the garden today, thought you would like to see it.
Now, I have been dying to show my Bloggy friends what I bought you and at last I can unveil it as you will have unwrapped it this Morning!
Ta Da........

Oh yes! A padded patchwork dolls house! Whoopee
I love the red gingham roof with a tile pattern sown in to the padding.
I love the applique flowers around the window, oh and the pink floral shutters...
And these little chaps are lucky enough to live here
And then when you open it up there are all these brilliant squashy pieces of furniture as well as pets (cat and dog and little pink mousie!)
In the garden, either side of the path are two pop up flowers!

Here it is from a different angle

And I cant resist showing you my own favourite, a white weatherboard shop with red roof and green woodwork! My very own shop!

I found this in Lewes at Christmas. Typically I was looking for a present and I spied this at the back of the shop. I stood frozen to the spot and stared and stared. I had a white dolls House with a red roof for Christmas when I was 6 and I absoloutley adored it.
My eyes filled with tears as all the memories of it flooded back, needless to say it came home with me and here it is with Poppy's first Dolls House.
Happy Birthdays x