Monday 19 September 2011


In the October edition of The English Home I was delighted to see an article featuring the work of Vic Brotherson - I have long been an admirer of her work. I remember I squirreled away an article about her in Elle Decoration back in December 2009.(Loved her style and home too!) 
What really appeals to me is her combination of vintage containers and objects, seemingly jumbled and eclectic, yet so perfect with her flower choices. Happily for me the article is taken from her new book Vintage Flowers.In it she talks about "painting with flowers"....."allowing the flowers to do the work using the colour, shape, texture to create still lives.. Even if your budget is limited, it is always possible to create something beautiful - especially if you have the right container." Thank you Vic, that is all the justification I need for all my endless rumaging in charity shops, jumble sales et al, looking for that elusive vase/bowl/jug.......
Vic's shop is called Scarlet and Violet and can be found on Chamberlayne Road, NW6.
So, feeling inspired by Vic I went out in the garden and snipped away..... here is my creation! I had no idea how much fun it is playing with foliage and flowers and a large lump of oasis. Oh, and for those of you who are worried about my rapid descent into Audrey Forbes Hamilton territory and the world of country wife - yes I was humming Jerusalem and thinking of straining my next batch of blackberry jelly.
 Have a fantastic week everyone,
Sarah xXx

Tee hee x

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Cornish posy

or a Cornishcopia! Yes, Cornwall is lush and green, the late summer flowers are in abundance. Here are some of our favourite spots to while away a moment or two.....
Thank you so much to all my wonderful followers old and new, this one's for you, it so amazing that you call in here from time to time, 

Love Sarah xXx

Friday 9 September 2011

Sea Shanty

On Monday we went to Penlee House Museum and gallery in Penzance to see the Walter Langley exhibition.Hurry along, it finishes this weekend! Afterwards we went over to Newlyn Harbour and I was totally blown away by the place, the fishing industry is seriously up against it and I found myself in awe of the fishermen and their gritty determination.
As you can see I was also not a little fascinated by all the tools of the trade, and yes, the lighthouse is the same one that features in the distance of this Walter Langley painting.
Between the tides, Walter Langley
What a day!

I'll be back with more tales from the West soon!


By the way, my favourite exhibit at Penlee was "Rosebud"
Toy black cat with spiky fur, over a wire body. Has a leather and hair tail with a ribbon tied around it. Was used as the mascot on board the 'Rosebud' and was tied to the mast for the entire voyage. The Rosebud was a Newlyn fishing boat (PZ 87) that was sailed up to London on October 19th - 21st 1937 to deliver a petition to Parliament to stop the slum clearances.

Thursday 1 September 2011

Back soonish

Hello it's me! Buster
Just to let you know I am off to Cornwall and have prevailed upon Sarah-Jane and Mr.Lane to drive me there, they are very obliging. I shall be partaking in long late summer walks, lots of swimming and general larks.....I will let them know when I want to come home, maybe in a week or so!

Shh, don't tell Buster-Boodle, it's me Sarah! I just wanted to tell you that this beautiful painting is by Joanne Short, one of my very favourite artists, it's called" Helford Flags and Flowers". The house is on the Helford so I particularly like this one. I love her strong use of colour and the patterns she creates.All that red against a cerulean sea and a lemon sky! You can see more of her work here.

See you soon when the Boodle is all sea-salty and tired out!

PS . Next time you want to do some typing Buster, perhaps you could dictate and I will do the honours!