Thursday 5 August 2010

What's the Deal with Sandwich?

This week Mr. Lane anounced an "away day".
This is excellent news!
Every once in a while we head off for some new pastures within a reasonable distance. This summer we have been exploring the Kent Coastline.
We live in West Kent, practically in Sussex so the Kentish coast is some distance.
Our destination?
(home of the golf course! Not that I am in the least bit interested about that, sorry Dad!)
Can you imagine my delight when the very first thing I spot as I climb out of the jallopy is this sign!
More on this later!
Sandwich turns out to be the most wonderful historic town. One of the "Cinq Ports"
Brilliant hotch potch of architectural styles and labrynth like streets.

We stopped for a spot of lunch in a good old fashioned pub called the Kings Arms.
I thoroughly recommend it for the warm welcome and the fantastic beer garden chock full of cottage garden favourites.

What a happy place this is.

Back to those wonderful streets and lanes

Luckily this lane leads back to here!

Do you know that I had absolutely no idea about "The Secret Gardens" here in Sandwich, they really are a secret! tee hee!

The house is Lutyens and the gardens were created by his friend and collaborater the amazing Gertrude Jekyll.
Squeal! Let's go inside

All these drifts of colour set my heart pounding!

love the dahlias in front of the old wall

simply joyous!

just look at the depth of those borders

Through a snicket in the hedge around the corner from the Bowling Green I come upon this

honestly! the prettiest cottage with this glowing yellow garden

and then into this gorgeous white garden

There's more!
I am never showing you my lettuce bed again!
look at this!

the stems on this ruby chard look stunning

What a treat that was!
"Onwards" cried Mr. Lane " I think we should go to Deal, it's just down the road"

Deal is much bigger!
( Get it? "Big Deal!")

There are lots of pretty streets leading to the sea-front and "Sea Street"

The pier is a thoroughly modern affair but I rather liked the angular lines it creates

there are some nice places to stay too

wonderful "away day"
thanks Mr.Lane you're the best x
Hope you all have a lovely weekend wherever that might be