Wednesday, 1 July 2009

On my doorstep

Lets be honest it's not every day that Sophie Dahl rocks up to your doorstep bang on trend with a gorgeous pink painted gypsy caravan in tow! OK possibly a slightly misleading opening statement. All the same, what a glorious day, I opened the front door to Sophie and the summer burst in.....................
Whilst soaking up the dazzling morning sunshine and the wall of heat I took a moment to appreciate this year's clematis.
I say this year's as we are always very unlucky when it comes to growing things up and over our porch. It really does get hot and things struggle to get going and then to add insult to injury in the winter the frost rolls up the field and finnishes off whatever we planted earlier in the Spring.

Yesterday I was reading the Vintage Magpie Blog and was really inspired by the gorgeous picture of N's dresser, how many ways do I love that Union Jack bunting? So as an homage I decorated mine with some spotty is a little bit make do and mend, but very cheery.

Sorry, stay focussed!
Back to Miss Dahl, I ordered her new cookery book and it arrived today!
Loving, loving already, it is beautifully produced and I really adore her writing. Lots of family stories and great recipes. What should be on the guessed it, what a beautiful caravan, there is an even better shot inside the book.

I am now thinking about making some cards and starting a collage, need to start rummaging!
Must stop flitting from one project to another!
If any of you clever creative girls can help me with a good supplier of card stocks and envelopes I would be amazingly grateful! At the moment I buy mine from an art shop but am convinced I could get better value for money if I knew where to look?
Final thoughts jump to Roald Dahl, what a brilliant story teller. I have been trying to decide on my favourites and my top 3 are:
  1. The fantastic Mr. Fox
  2. James and the giant peach
  3. Charlie and the chocolate factory

How about you?


  1. Hello
    Lovely post, must take a look at that gorgeous book for myself.

    Card stock ~ I have been buying mine for the last ten years from They are online and you used to be able to request a catalogue, maybe you still can. Haven't bought any for a year or so.

    Will you be attending/visiting Portscatho?

    If you are interested in a card, please e mail me, thank you. viv x

  2. Such a great title to that cookery book.
    Your dresser is gorgeous, full of lots of lovely things.
    Lisa x


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