Tuesday 10 January 2017




It seems a lifetime since January 2016...much has happened, such is the way of things. We began the year with a trip to see the Faraways in Australia. I was brimful of unspoken words and thoughts, ideas, pent up love for those much missed, much longed for. Love is a cruel mistress for those of us parted by miles and miles but the gift is the the joy of precious momentary togetherness that takes on mythical status once it ends. We savour all the moments, senses sharpened, I find myself furiously scribbling phrases, writing recipes, collecting...always collecting... beyond the physical.
Musing over my notebook today...the feelings the memories crept back into my phsche. I reach for something more tangible...photographs. We arrived crumpled and achingly tired. To be soothed by the balm of the sweetest welcome, the smallest blonde heads bobbing up from the darkness of their bunks, and encircling our necks. Hugs full of expectation and excitement softened by drowsiness.

Swept off to the White Room to tumble into the loveliest linen layered haven. It is a beautiful space just around the corner from the Faraways. The first four photographs in this post are a soupicon of the space, I wholly recommend a trip to Lynda Gardener's insta feed for more mouthwatering images of The White Room and The Estate at Trentham. The rest are all images I snapped during our 3 week sojourn in Melbourne and then on to the Mornington Peninsula.

And so here I am quietly embracing January 2017. Enjoying these indoor days, lighting candles during the day. It's amazing how rich the light, flickering and fluttering. I am also enjoying this clean January palette, neutralised post quality street, sparkle filled December. Ever since we visited Amsterdam in the depths of winter and all the homes we passed whispered in soft light and always  the simplest of vases, flowers on windowsills and clustered on tabletops.

So here we are, gently stepping into 2017, may it be luminous,