Monday 29 December 2014

Winter treasures

I should begin by offering you the heartiest of 
Seasons Greetings! 
I adore Christmas, that is I am in search of that feeling of wonder, shooting stars tingling somewhere below my ribcage. Presents are great, but "that" feeling is peculiar to Christmas and I look for ward to it year in year out. When I hear the first Christmas Carol in early December the taper is lit.Sitting on the top deck of a big red bus as dusk falls and Christmas lights sparkle into life. One Sunday morning earlier in December I was captivated by a short clip of a glowing fire...

...posted by the deliciously lovely Gil Fox, maker of beautiful hats, corsages, hair pins and fripperies. 
A couple of hours, a muddy dog walk and glorious bowl later...I arrive at Great Dixter Christmas Fair.
Inside the Yeoman's Hall is a cornucopia of loveliness Merchant and Mills, Persephone Books, Folk at Home, Gil Fox Hats, Freight by Helene Adamczewski, Martha and Ed's Kitchen, Warp and Weft Styling . I KNOW, so special, Gil's stand looked gorgeous, her beautiful colours against the wooden panelling.

Outside the garden looks magical, half asleep but abundant with hips and haws and hints of future blossom in fat buds.

I love being outside, and wondering what might lay inside, behind ivy smothered windows, fairytales begin to form in my mind.

Back home enjoying the spoils, deck the halls!