Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Heartfelt Thanks and a shameless plug!

I have found myself in turn so charmed by this blogging world I feel I have stumbled into (a bit like Alice down the rabbit hole!) and so buoyed by all your comments and kindnesses it truly is a marvel and I want to say thank you! This little outburst has been prompted by the arrival of this treasure today.....................isn't it divine?

Thank you, thank you to Viv at Hens Teeth (check it out right now! http://www.hensteethart.blogspot.com/ )
I am a huge admirer and as I said , my lovely postie John drove down the Lane this Morning and handed me one envelope..... "only one today Sarah" he reported.
ONLY the Best little piece of post I have had in a long time so thank you Viv your kindness and generosity is now the stuff of legend here Down the Lane!
This is going to be winging its way to one of my faraways.......more about that another time.
And thanks to all of you for reading and commenting and inspiring and creating and making and baking and...................................................EVERYTHING! x x x


  1. I can see you smile all over! Have fun! Claudia

  2. It truly is divine!

    take care,

    Nina x

    ps. did you get some sweet peas?

  3. If only you could smell the roses through the computer screen!

    I love the card, soooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!

    Love Lou xxx

  4. Such a beautiful card!
    Lisa x

  5. That really is the most beautiful of cards.


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