Monday 26 March 2012

Spring has sprung

Spring~Summer 2012 came charging in last week! 
The week began with misty mornings and the promise of warmth and ended in a blaze of glorious yellow sunshine. Every day the garden first shy and quiet and by Sunday Mr.Lane said he could literally see the cherry blossoms bursting open...

A week of flowery photos all taken at home...

So now we off to Cornwall...looks like the weather may hold on and we shall hope for some sunny beach walks...see you when we get back, not sure how long we will stay....I am channeling this lovely Jigsaw mood~board for my packing!

See you D'rectly -x-

Monday 19 March 2012

Spring greens

 produce...peacockandlotus via bohemianwornest.tumblr
...the grass is growing...soon the sheep and cows will be back in our fields grazing the sweet green shoots. I am busy planning the new vegetable patch, hopefully it will be rotavated this week. I am also studying the hedgerows closely, buds are almost ready to burst but as yet no sign of my favourite cow parsley...soon though...
   obsessing about my Green and Pleasant Land Pin Board!
Love Sarah 

4. via man + west

Friday 16 March 2012

pattern repeat

As Mother's Day approaches I wanted to celebrate the line of women who came before me...Great Granny, Granny and Magpie...I am the last link in this chain.

..."Thou art thy mothers glass, and she in thee calls back the lovely April of her prime."
William Shakespeare

I have been told many times, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...and so for my love of life, laughter, flowers, colour, print, cookery, fur and feather....and my goodness this love of ditsy prints is woven through us all!
I say to all these amazing women

we are woven from the same cloth
My childhood is a patchwork of happy memories and whilst like most we had our share of hardships these women brought stories, and tea-parties, knitted teddies, fairy cakes, paper flowers, picnics and above all love and joy...I shall always be grateful for my Magpie and her Mother and they are me and I am them!
 Happy Mothers Day

Wednesday 14 March 2012

In my kitchen...

...I am busy savouring a year in Skye's. 
Post the Petersham lunch experience and with Spring unfurling all around me here Down the Lane, I am cooking cooking cooking fresh, light and healthy food...finding Skye's toolbox of herbs and dressings inspirational...

and enjoying spring flowers, in jugs and jam jars and tea-cups!
 Boodle is showing you a sweet little painting my friend Virginia painted as a gift tag - she has some lovely new floral paintings, have a look here.
I took the photo of all those buckets of flowers outside Liberty last week...stunning!

So what's cooking in your kitchen?

Saturday 10 March 2012

le weekend

My weekend inspiration.... rue saint honore her style via the sartorialist  

This lovely fille is called Sarah and she has the look of the saint honore girl, n'est pas? She is available from Tush Tush Etsy shop here.
"Watch out! Watch out!" been giggling away about "Humphrey" remember him?

Happy Weekend everyone,

Wednesday 7 March 2012

Brighton Rocks!

Last week we went to Brighton and it was glorious! 
The sun shone and in its hazy glow the whole place seemed caught in a retro time warp. 
I am mad about the turquoise painted ironwork on the sea-front, the slightly faded glamour of the grand hotels and all the familiar film locations.
I saw myself on a similar Spring day some 20 years ago sitting outside the same cafes smoking lucky strike and wearing stangely similar clothes...a life-time ago, so much ahead of me...and mostly all good, I gave a nod to that girl...she didn't see me, too busy to notice.
Shortly after my phone rang and little brother "faraway" shook me out of my reflection...ringing from the glamour of his hotel room in far apart we close we are...
I have included Edward Bawden's lino cut of  iconic Brighton Pier - it looks wonderful don't you think, with echoes of the pavilion and grand balconies framing it. The Persephone Post has been writing about Brighton this week too, read more here.
Mulberry shot their SS 2012 campaign here too - looks great, lots of kitsch pieces with ice-cream references.
And now?  
Time to face the grey, wet yomp across the fields with the Boodle, whilst humming  tunes from Quadrophenia...what a difference a week makes!