Saturday 2 October 2010

Weekend (b)ramble!

Ah, the weekend at last!
It has begun to feel misty and Autumnal here Down the Lane so today I am going to hit the hedgerows!
to pick some of these black beauties
the hedges are dripping with them at the moment

and then home to bake.........

I love the alchemy that takes place when you begin to warm a pan of blackberries.
Wonderful warm jam escapes from the berries and the colour is dark damson not to mention the autumn smell that envelopes your kitchen.

Autumn fruit poached for breakfast

or a simple tart waiting for a simple dollop of creme fraiche, yum!

And then the snuggling............under quilts, by the fire ready to feast my eyes on the wonderful Downton Abbey, wasn't it good?

Dreaming of owning this lovely tweed coat..........
Reality is

We really need to dig over those veg beds!
PS. Good luck Felicity, fingers crossed your cha cha goes well!

Have a brilliant weekend
Sarah xXx