Sunday 28 September 2014

Last of the summer wine

It has been a long generous summer and we have been glad of it, with much of the house exposed to the elements whilst we extend. It has been a long generous summer, so much so I have become suspicious of it. Like too much pudding its a tiny bit sickly and cloying.It is weighing heavy, time to move on. Perhaps I am simply describing my mood? I want the Autumn winds to blow...the leaves to turn and tumble and the last of the builders to trundle down the drive and disappear into the mist hanging on the hill.
September has been slow moving but never dull. Magpie flew off to the Faraways for three weeks and they seemed an eternity. I was reminded how much I love this eccentric Island of ours as the tears of relief rolled  the morning Scotland said we would not be parted. I managed to slide off to Norfolk for a weekend with my dearest girlfriends, we stood arm in arm in a cornfield watching fireworks fly into the pitch. And my heart was full when I saw a bowls match being played with great gusto between two teenage boys and two senior gentlemen, the respect shown to one another by both teams was joyful to watch.

Whilst I have been busy choosing Tudor bricks, Kent pegs and English oak the garden has relaxed into a semi wild haven, there are spiders webs and long tendrils of green curls wrapped around things they oughtn't. I should feel guilty about the wildness but instead I am enchanted by it. The drive is a builders yard and so the roses bolting across the weatherboard feel anarchic and I approve! And all the while the hydrangeas are quietly developing their Autumn colour palette.

seeds of love