Saturday 22 December 2012

Quality Lane

In the olden days before Quality Street there was Quality Lane!!!
A place where bright jewel like colours were positively encouraged and clashing was de rigeur!
So this year, as we have had a right Royal Jubylmpic time of it we are celebrating with a jumble of sweetie tin colours!

 All looking a bit shakey right! 
Taken with my iphone a little bit too excited are some taken later with my camera and possibly in focus?
I think it would be safe to say THE MOJO IS BACK!!!
"Merry Christmas"

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Lonesome pine

The view from the back door is green and spare but bathed in a warm wash of winter sun. 
The hedges trimming the field boundaries are burnished bronze. The view from the front door?
Is this...the lonesome pine...
 ...and on the front door...this little chap nestled in the wreath I made last week.
As you can see Mother Nature has informed my sense of colour, greens some dark and glossy others pale and softly tinted grey. Natural and harmonious, unintended but serendipitous all the same. Palest clementine  hued berries and frosted green apples, intricately cut pine cones, fading pistachio hydrangeas. It feels right on the old oak door.
 When we went to choose the tree we also went to see the reindeer that obligingly take up residence this time of year. I think they are the most quiet thoughtful creatures, this one sized me up for what felt an eternity before slowly moving near enough for me to rub his muzzle.
...and so the tree is ready to be bedecked in glittery finery and twinkling lights...but I hesitate, it smells so good, the branches are so dense with needles the patterns and shadows so pretty I wonder whether I ought to just let it be...Nah, bring on the razzle dazzle!
PS Father Christmas...just in case you're reading this I am hoping one day to be bringing it home in one of these...

Friday 14 December 2012


So, I am standing next to the Christmas Merry-Go-Round it is twirling merrily past me ~ round and around~blurring, twirling, invitingly...but it's too fast and I can't pick the moment to jump on. I want to, but I'm not quite ready....
carousel merry go round horse
see 'Festive merry-go-round' at deviantART
Don't get me wrong, there's not a shred of BAH~HUMBUG in my being, just tired and a tiny bit too busy. 
So today is Operation "Restore Christmas Mojo". Sponsored by Mr.Lane. 
Off to the smoke to see the Christmas lights and visit the Paradise (Liberty!!!)
In the meantime I leave you with this giant cup-cake...should fortify even the most faint hearted Christmas shopper n'est pas? This one feeds 20 or so people!
you can purchase said cup-cake and other sweet treats Vintage Rose Cupcakes . I am also longing to try their Irish Cream cup-cakes...adults only...yum!
see you soon and thanks to all who sent gorgeous messages about our Cornwall departure, thank you so very much and by way of thanks may I offer you all a virtual slice of cake and a cuppa!