Sunday, 19 July 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Poppy

My precious niece Pops is ONE today!
Happy Birthday Pixie.
I was inspired by the wonderful collages for the Homespun Fair and the Vintage and Homemade Fair, and above is my attempt.

This is the prettiest part of the garden today, thought you would like to see it.
Now, I have been dying to show my Bloggy friends what I bought you and at last I can unveil it as you will have unwrapped it this Morning!
Ta Da........

Oh yes! A padded patchwork dolls house! Whoopee
I love the red gingham roof with a tile pattern sown in to the padding.
I love the applique flowers around the window, oh and the pink floral shutters...
And these little chaps are lucky enough to live here
And then when you open it up there are all these brilliant squashy pieces of furniture as well as pets (cat and dog and little pink mousie!)
In the garden, either side of the path are two pop up flowers!

Here it is from a different angle

And I cant resist showing you my own favourite, a white weatherboard shop with red roof and green woodwork! My very own shop!

I found this in Lewes at Christmas. Typically I was looking for a present and I spied this at the back of the shop. I stood frozen to the spot and stared and stared. I had a white dolls House with a red roof for Christmas when I was 6 and I absoloutley adored it.
My eyes filled with tears as all the memories of it flooded back, needless to say it came home with me and here it is with Poppy's first Dolls House.
Happy Birthdays x


  1. Happy birthday wishes to Poppy!
    Such a gorgeous birthday present, so glad you took photos to share with us. She'll have many, many hours of fun with it I'm sure.
    Your collage is beautiful and I can see why you couldn't resist the little shop.
    Lisa x

  2. Happy birthday Poppy!!!

    The patchwork dolls house is adorable! I wish I was Poppy!

    I can see why you wanted your very own shop!

    Love Lou xxx

    PS. Thank you for your lovely comment, all went really well on Friday.

  3. Happy birthday Poppy. What a gorgeous present. I love your little shop. xxx

  4. I would have LOVED that dolls house when i was little!!

    em I think I still might!

    Sam x

  5. Happy Birthday to Poppy!
    Love the dolls houses!

  6. What a wonderful present for a 1 year old!

  7. Happy Birthday to Poppy!
    I love the collage you made!

  8. I love the name Poppy - if i'd had girls that was one of my chosen names - the collage is great!!

  9. Happy Birthday Poppy. What a beautiful pos in her honour!
    Isabelle x

  10. Anonymous21 July, 2009

    Hi Sarah Jane, I love the house, it is totally gorgeous! I look forward to reading more of your blog, Kate x

  11. If only little lady lou knew about blogland and all the love passing through the ethers. Popsicle's house is the lovely Maresfield, of course, graced by the presence of her beautiful aunt and uncle in the magical land of Kent, and a red gingham Buster Boo and wee pink mouse too. She is mesmerised and a lucky pixie indeed thanks to said beautiful auntie down the lane!!! love the faraway PenSIL xxx

  12. My little Poppy has just turned 1, and her nanna has bought her the same house for Christmas, its so cute, love your website xxx


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