Wednesday 12 August 2009

Cornish Postcard

Hello, hello! We're back!
Thanks for all your kind holiday wishes, we had a splendid time in our beautiful Cornish bolthole. Here is my postcard to you all, so grab a nice cuppa as it is a little longer than your average postcard!One of our first delights was to attend the Regatta at Port Navas, my husbands' family have been taking part in this Annual Summer event for over 3o years!
It is so wonderful that now the original tribe's Grandchildren are rowing, running and swimming with all the commitment of Olympic finalists!

The village is bedecked in traditional nautical flags, all vintage and all cotton, no nylon here thanks! It is one of my favourite summer spectacles.

This is the lane leading down to the tiny but wonderful Port Navas Yacht Club. Over the years we have been lucky enough to have been to some very smart yacht clubs all around the world, Sydney was a bit special! But none can compete with the charm or the warmth of the welcome here.

Just love that blue flaky paint!

The bunting carries on out of the lane and into the village

Walking home (I had to leave before the end to feed Mr.Boodle and his two besies Hector, black flat coat retriever and Phoebe Geebee, black labrador.) I glanced back down the field to wave and just look at this vista, it just oozes "Summer in Cornwall"

I know I am very late with my next snippet, but I cant not mention the Homespun Fair!
So much anticipation, I got up early on Sunday morning and bombed over to Porthscatho for a vintage and handmade fix! This journey involved a trip across the Fal on the King Harry Ferry, lovely early morning light on the river aahhh........
Anyway I arrived at 10.30 am, and wow already there were lots and lots of people! Outside the Hall were lovely garden flowers.
I succumbed to a wonderfully fragrant bunch of dahlias, cottage garden bits and bobs, borage(lovely) and garden mint. Plus three bunches of sweet peas for my SIL's and MIL.
The wonderful flowers are from the Blue Carrot Market Garden.

Here is a shot of the hall from the mezzanine, I took this as soon as I arrived and within ten minutes the hall was so buzzing I wouldn't have been able to take this shot!

OK, I did purchase one or two trinkets which I am saving for a future post! But by far the best part for me was having the chance to say hello to some bloggy friends! It was a privilege to meet you all! Viv at Hens Teeth, Nicki from the Vintage Magpie, Michelle from Cowboys and Custard. I wanted to say hello to so many more of you, especially Jane at the Happy Crow, Christine from the Sea Garden and Clare at Daisy Darling Millinery........ but my goodness it got too busy to get near some of the stalls!
Viv, I love that you knew exactly who I was before I even opened my mouth! (which is good as I can be a bit shy!)
More on my Homespun goodies soon!
I mentioned that there is a whole tribe of us who meet annually, this year we counted 45 at our Beach Barbie! We all host different get togethers, sometimes picnics on the beach, or pasties in the yacht club and this year we were lucky enough to be invited here for fish and chips!

What a spot, right on the waters edge! The boys zoomed over to Falmouth in a rib to collect Fish and chips for 40! and yes, they were still warm when they arrived back!

One cloudy day me and some of the little ones made this fat fish!
I think we collected every white stone on the beach, and luckily it survived the tide and was still there the next day!

This was my highlight!
A wonderful Cornish girlfriend of mine is a Gig Rower and was competing in a competition in Cadgwith Cove. One of my BIL's (Brother in Law) knew that I really wanted to go and watch but I was too late to drive around by car so he took me and Him Down the Lane across by boat. Well by Rib to be precise, straight through the Manacles! V. Scary and V. FAST! Luckily we were in Convoy with another Rib belonging to a great mate who is a local!

I absoloutely adore Cadgwith Cove, brilliant fishing village and what an amazing evening, what an amazing sight watching the gig boats with their crews straining at every stroke! none of my pictures are good enough to show as the boats are too far out to sea. All the fishing boats were pulled hard up the beach to make room for the Gigs and the spectators!

The village had all it's finery on and was rewardeed with a great turnout!

I dived up the hill to get a better shot of the beach with all the gigs pulled up and couldn't resist this picture perfect group of thatched cottages.

What a night! In the gig hut the beer on offer was "dark" or "blonde".

The trip home across the water in semi darkness was truly magical, just blue, blue, blue. Flat calm, exhilirating and cold!

I just love how these buoys look all shiny in the evening sunshine, like big party balloons which suited the mood!

Happy, happy days!
Back here in Kent the garden has reverted to wilderness and we will be eating mostly runner beans with plums for the duration!
love Sarah x x x


  1. Hi Lisa and Dev!
    I have just spotted that you tagged me while I was away! I will respond on my next post, hope you have both had a good couple of weeks? I am off to catch up on your blogs!
    Love Sarah x

  2. Wow, it looks fabulous, why can't I go to Cornwall (said in veeery whiney voice)!
    Good to have you back though, now more of the goodies please!
    Hen x

  3. Oh my, what a post!
    Your love of Cornwall and the time you spent there over the last few weeks is infectious.
    It was a joy meeting you, a highlight of the day.
    Oh goodness me, I can't get over your photos and the time you have had, as you say 'happy days'.

  4. Dark 'or' Blonde are you sure they were offering beer???

    Lovely 'Summer Holiday' pictures and all that bunting, very Jubilee'ish'

    Welcome back,

    Nina x

  5. Nina, you just made me guffaw my tea all over the desk and large pile of unopened letters, oops! x

  6. I found your blog by linking from another blog as one so often does. And I am absolutely enchanted. I envy you so. I am here in the US in the Deep South where we are sweltering in 98 degree heat. Most of our gardens have passed their peaks and school has already begun. Keep posting your beautiful pictures so I can dream of making the trip someday.

  7. Your post is brim full of your happy times, you clearly had a wonderful family hols!
    Fab photos as ever.
    And I love that stone fish.
    Looking forward to seeing your fair purchases!
    Lisa x

  8. Great post..glad you got to meet some of the other bloggers at the fair!

  9. Oh Sarah, what lovely photos! I too adore Cadgwith, we went in May and I took lots and lots of photos, it is so picturesque.

  10. Hi Sarah,

    It was great to meet you too... your photos are just beautiful.. I shall have to get down to Cadgwith very soon!


  11. Hello Sarah..
    I was so pleased that you were brave enough to come and say hello.. it was good to meet you. Thank you for your kind comment.. what a weird co-incidence that was!
    I hope your holiday in such fine surroundings made up for some of the heart ache your family must be feeling.
    Cornwall in the height of summer is a very fine place to be and your photos of the regattas bring back such strong memories of my many years spent in Coverack where my parents had a cottage for two decades. I really miss those footloose days spent frolicking on the beach and in the harbour. Regatta day was the highlight of our summer hols.. such fun.
    You captured that atmosphere perfectly in your lovely photos.
    How brave of you to cross the Manacles.. scary place just off Coverack bay!
    Hope you brought home some happy memories to last till your next visit.
    Michele x

  12. Hello -thanks for your visit and your lovely comment. Enjoying your lovely pictures and tales of a lovely holiday. I'll be back!

  13. Fab pics, such a pretty place. Kate x

  14. Looks like you had a great time xx

  15. Looks like you had a fab holiday! I could do with being in Cornwall right now.

    Thanks for your comment, its best he knows that his picture is pants. ;0)

    Love Lou xxx

  16. it looks like you had a lovely time, i love cornwall im always so relaxed and happy there, its a lovely place to be, thanks for sharing, fliss cc

  17. What a gorgeous post! Your holiday looks amazing and full of fun!Thank you for the comment on my post, my Hubby and I chuckled about him being'Gastronomict'First time he's ever been called that, I think he was quite chuffed! Cheesecakes are definitely his speciality but he still asks 'How do you make Shepherds pie, I've forgot'! Bless him!

  18. Looks like you had a really lovely time, and the weather looked pefect too.

  19. Hi Sarah! Welcome back! What a fantastic holiday you had! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!

  20. Oh my goodness! I am reading this with wide eyes because we're just back from a summer holiday in Cornwall where we discovered and fell in love with Cadgwith Cove! How funny!
    I loved reading this post and sharing in your adventures :)

    You've reminded me to blog about it too :) x


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