Monday 24 August 2009

Lazy Sunday

Sunday Morning, warm and sunny! Perfect drying weather, the washing was almost dry before I finnished pegging it out! Quite a few chores to do..................but maybe a little latte, Test Match Special and a book, just for half an hour or so.............................
An hour or so later I looked rather guiltily over at my now bone dry washing!
The cricket is so perfectly poised, maybe another half an hour............................

Several hours later having run lots of victory laps around the garden with Him Down the Lane and Mr.Boodle chasing excitedly after us. I guiltily announce that I haven't really got anything prepared for supper! That's OK said Mr.Lane, we will go out and celebrate winning the Ashes.

We came here, to the Bottle House, brilliantly named!

Not only are the window boxes good, the food is really nice too!

I really like the sign, it's great isn't it?

What a lovely English Summers day, cricket, reading a good book (which I finnished!) Ignoring the chores and out for supper. We had to leave shortly after this picture was taken as Mr.Boodle is devoted to Cadbury! (Gyff Rhys-Jones, Rivers!)


  1. Ahhhh yes, the Ashes - we had a weekend of it on the radio!!

    Though I do have to agree a perfect English day - cricket and making jams and liqueur. I've never enjoyed cricket so much!

    Have a lovely week,

    Nina x

  2. It all looks and sounds utter bliss!

  3. I had forgotten about the massive hair bows at the back of my head!!!! I too am addicted to the Gryff Rhy-Jones program. We went on the Broads that he featured last night, so that made it extra special!! I too love Cadbury. I am also addicted to Jam and Jerusalem before it - a great way to end a Sunday!! The pub looks really nice.

  4. Hello! My first visit here... and surely not my last... What a beautiful place here in blogland you have! And this palce of yours is idyllic...*sigh*... Enjoy savoring the last of these summer days. :o)

  5. What an idyllic day you spent. I'm SO glad you left the chores behind and had some fun instead. What a gorgeous pub sign - I rather want it don't you?

  6. Wasn't the match just so exciting for the last hour or so! Hurray for England!
    Lisa x

  7. Oh yes the Ashes, sunshine, a good book and the English Country Inn, Perfect!

  8. Ah, that sounds idyllic, lovely looking pub, too. Everyone needs days like that to recharge. My other half was unspeakably excited about the cricket win. Thanks for your comments on my lil'ole blog, they always crack me up (in a very good way)! Next year, you must make the pilgrimage to the NEC, just make sure you take those smelling salts (or a hip flask!)
    Hen x

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog! Yours is really lovely - and your garden looks beautiful - a lot more verdant than mine!

    Pomona x

  10. Phew what a relief there was something to celebrate (Well done England!) still I suppose if the result had been differnet one could have drowned ones sorrows.

  11. I'll be off to have more of a wander around your blog in a bit as it looks lovely. Even pictures of washing make me happy. Just wanted to say hello first.

    Little Bun would notice if you turned up but she'd be really happy. A very sociable pair we have here. I teased them in our old house that the builders were doing our extension so they had somewhere to live and the Buns were fine with that too. It made sense.

    Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

    Lisa x

  12. Such a pretty laundry line! x

  13. Good for you, it's what summer is all about and it should be enjoyed. x

  14. Love love love your blog, beautiful! Am following now. Come and visit me at mine somtime when you get the chance! :)


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