Wednesday 19 August 2009

Mad dogs and Englishmen.......

......go out in the midday sun...........
or rather that should read S-J DTL and Mr.Boodle go out in the 3pm sun!
woo hoo what a scorcher! it had to be done as I was feeling very ratty/ disenchanted with life. You wont believe it when I tell you that the saga with Magpie continues...... pregnant pause, drumroll please.
Magpie has fallen over whilst recouperating from nasty head injury and has broken her ankle in two places. She is in agony and will need an operation next week to rectify things!So, Mr.Boodle and I took ourselves out for a walk in the baking sun to have a chat about things and think about what to do for the best.

We didn't see any of these but the grass was chirrupping in a very mediteranean way and it reminded me of this picture so I thought I would show you.

Looking down the Lane everything was very still and eerily silent. The road surface was so hot I could see wobbly heat mirages further along.

We turned up the hill towards Strawberry Field as the harvest is in full swing and we love to see hay bales. (Strawberry Field is just the name of the field, sadly no stawberries!) on the way we pass one of my favourite barns with a wobbly roof.

And then finally as the beads of perspiration mounted we popped through the hedge and out onto the field. All the wheat has been harvested and the bales are here looming large in the sunlight, I really love the annual events that punctuate the passing of the seasons and this sight really signifies late summer to me.

Mr.Boodle knows just where to stand to catch some shade, clever boy!


Turning out of Strawberry field we turn for the woods, need some respite from this searing heat. Boodle jumps into a cattle trough to cool off!

We pass a handsome feather as we turn into the wood, what was the fete of its owner? I wonder
In the wood and at last some dappled shade. The ground is soft, dry and crunchy underfoot. Teeming with dried pine needles cones and the first pale yellow leaf fall.

And in the hedgerow the first black jewels of Autumns rich bounty. So much abundance this year, blackberries, damsons, sloes all are dangling from their boughs.

And what a year for acorns! There are SO many. I am glad for this as last year we commented how few and how small they were. How Mother Nature re-balances her books, so clever.

These rather forlorn looking dry things are the end of the Feverfew Daisies that have been sparkling in 40 acre field for weeks. I rather like them like this! I learnt that another name for them is Batchelors Buttons which I really love!

This is the reason for that last little bit of trivia. Saved from the box of books that MIL was sending to the charity shop, phew it's a gem of a little book.

So having made it home a little hot and bothered my worries were back in perspective and I am feeling much more positive about things.
Blogging is a great tool for reflection dont you think?
It also provides me with endless inspiration and introductions to brilliant people who make me smile.
So in that spirit if you need a little cheering up or just fancy a giggle I urge you to visit
The funniest most wonderful thing I have seen in ages, well done to the graffitti knitters what a treat, especially the "phonebox Cosy"
or I had an absoloutely joyous Liberty Fix at, I urge you to pop over if you are into your Tana Lawn!

And finally, I wanted to share my new obsession with you all. This picture from Livingetc. has been on my office desk for weeks as I cant decide whether to create my own version of this or just go ahead and buy the wallpaper, which is quite pricey!
Lovely! Pip Wallpaper by Brian Yates
One Day!


  1. Thanks for the walk - I do miss hay bales! Bet you weren't expecting that comment - sorry the heat has got to me. We have spent another afternoon on a too hot, too packed beach where it is too hot to even stand on the sand - the things I do for friends!!

    Have a lovely evening and I hope all is in perspective after your gorgeous country jaunt.

    Nina x

  2. Great post, thanks for taking me on such a lovely walk. I love that wallpaper too - is that in the current issue of Living Etc? xx

  3. Hi there, lovely post. Far too hot today, hardly stepped outside. Mind you I was at work all day. The beach was beckoning in the afternoon as was the shopping. Shopping won unfortunately as we had nothing to eat. Tomorrow, hopefully. Dev x

  4. Thanks for sharing your walk with us.
    So sorry to hear about your mum. Sending lots of get well wishes and hope the op goes well.
    Take care.
    Lisa x

  5. What a gorgeous dog! You should definately have a go at doing your own wallpaper! Kate x

  6. I don't believe your news about magpie! What a worry for you all.
    I did enjoy the walk with you, thank you, it was lovely.
    Personally I think you should make your own wallpaper, incorporating Liberty Tana Lawn...oh my!

  7. I say create your own version of the wallpaper - so much more fun!

    Victoria x

  8. As Peter Kaye says, if its not one thing, its your mother!! I hope they soon have her on the mend. Loved your walk. I was watching the farmer bailing yesterday - its such a significant time of year I feel. I am loving loving loving the heat - I sat out while really late last night. Making the most of the good weather. xxx

  9. Bless your little cotton socks! I’m feeling a lot better now. We are all off out as a family in a min, with two teenage boys, HAPPY DAYS!!! ;0) I loved your pictures, I will pop back tonight for a better look.

    Thank you for your comment…love Lou xxx

  10. A beautiful post Sarah though tinged with tragedy.. SO sorry to hear the unfortunate events that have followed your mother's fall..I do hope she makes a good recovery and stays on terra firma!
    Your gorgeous photos epitomise summer...I can almost hear the crackle of wheat underfoot.
    I have often fancied papering the smallest room in the house with vintage snippings.. Go have a go yourself and please show us the results.


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