Friday 14 August 2009

Cornish Treasures and home comfort

I found this on the beach we call "broken tree" beach which is probably very wrong and inaccurate but that's what we always call it.
It says "Love from Cornwall" and that is the spirit of this post.
Whilst we were away there were a few calamities and we are trying to muddle through them.
This is a photo of Magpie and little brother Faraway. ( Magpie is my Mum.)
Whilst we were away she tripped at work and cut her head open, OUCH!!! Ambulance, Casualty, stitches. Proper job! I was very worried as we were at the wrong end of the Country. Thankfully lovely lovely friends're the best x

I found this card in the village stores and snaffled it straight away, so reminds me of Brambly Hedge at al! It's by Prue True from the Honeywood Village. GET WELL SOON MAGPIE x x x
"Get Well Soon" is the phrase du jour - unfortunately Mr.Lane has been caught by the "Pigs" and is coughing and spluttering for England and MIL was driven into by a Smart Car and a big red lorry on the M25! Rubbish isn't it? She is OK but the car isn't! I am suffering the indignity of a nasty Coleslaw (as my brother calls them!) time to get the Cornish Treasure out and admire as promised.......................

These two wonderfully painterly cards came from Trebah Gardens and were painted byDeborah Barton, I really love her brush strokes, sort of Impressionistic dont you think?

Oh and I haven't forgotten the Craft Fair goodies. I haven't photographed my treasures from Hens Teeth as I recommend that you check her blog out (click on Hens Teeth on my side bar.)
I spent absoloutely ages drooling over gorgeous buttons, here are my faves......

I am so mean, Ok here is a proper look!
Look at how shiny and glisteny they are!

These are teeny tiny, I really love them

Oh and I just had to have this!

Sorry about the rubbish ironing, I just had to get it out and look at it!

You know when you get home from Holibobs and there is a stack of mail, well mine was ghastly but I am delighted to say it also included this - Yea

I am absoloutely crazy about this fashion spread , cant stop looking at it and lusting after things!

Well done Country Living Team, gorgeous.

So back to routine and a semblence of normality for us Down the Lane.
GET WELL SOON beloved ones x
Oh and I mustn't forget I have been tagged!
Strange how life throws up weird coincidences, I shared one with Michele from Cowboys and Custard last week.
Lisa from Jumble and Jelly and Dev from the Fairy Glade both tagged me with the same request:
Find the nearest book, turn to page 161 and find the 6th complete sentence on the page and pass it on:
The nearest Book: Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee
My copy is a very old 1973 Penguin Edition with pictures by John Ward, page 161 is actually an illustration of a sick Laurie Lee in bed! (I promise I didn't cheat!) So I am including the 6th sentence from page 160 which is taken from the chapter rather topically entitled"Sick boy."
"All objects in the room became molten again, and the pictures repainted themselves: things ran about, changed shape, grew monstrous, or trailed off into limitless distances."
I wont pass it on but feel free to have a go yourself and see if the weird coincidences continue!
Love Sarah x


  1. Dear S~J.
    Thank you for mail and your kind consideration and link. x
    My goodness you have had some worry just lately. I hope Mr. Lane stops coughing and very soon and your poor MIL.
    Your post has some real eye candy, so lovely.
    Will catch up with you soon and thank you again
    viv x

  2. Oh my goodness - you've sent a shiver down my spine - that fabric with the cat on is 'Spot and friends'. It was my childhood wallpaper and curtains. I'm suddenly seven again x

  3. Ummm, yummy goodies, sorry to hear you have otherwise been in the wars, so to speak. Lovely cloth, I presume it will stay safely intact in your house?! I also thought the CL fashion spread was marvellous though a few bits are a tad pricey. Now where's that piggy bank?
    Hen x

  4. Oh goodness me! Hope it's not too long before everyone is fit and well again.
    Get well wishes to all.
    Take care
    Lisa x

  5. I hope all is on the mend it sounds like it's been a bit of a week.

    Love all the little treasures you found on your adventures - it's great finding such things on your holidays, but even lovelier taken them out again to admire and remember.

    I too am drooling over those fashion pages in Country Living - if only I could afford all that I desired - ho, hum!! It's good to dream though (boo, hoo)

    Lots of love to you and yours,

    Nina x

  6. Hope everyone is better soon/recovered from shocks after accidents....
    Lovely spotty lampshade...x

  7. Hi Sarah! Hope your loved ones get well soon!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely treasures!

  8. What a catalogue of total disasters - Hopefully everyone will end up back in one piece and soon!! I too brought back a collection of (even more) heart shaped stones!!xxxx

  9. Thank you for your lovely comments! I so enjoyed your Cornwall post as it is also another favourite area of mine. The areas I tend to visit the most often is from Fowey down to the Helford River. The Helford River is so beautiful, I love the walks along that area. The event taking place looked like so much fun! I wish I had been able to make it the Homespun fair... You bought some lovely things.
    P.S: Has Faversham changed much? I live there for 12 years (90's mainly)
    Have a great weekend!
    Isabelle x

  10. Hello Sarah... or should I call you Calamity Jane?
    Life has a nasty habit of delivering misfortune in droves.. but hope this one moves on rapidly and calm is restored to all quarters.
    I had to reach for my nearest book to take part in your tag.. love things like this...the subject was about sinking toes into the sand.. and I was only just dreaming about serendipitous.

    Hope all is well now in the SJDTL household.


  11. Hi there!

    I was just doing a blog surf when I came across your lovely blog! Its beautiful. And I have dresser envy for sure!

    Hope things pick, its always the same things go wrong in a batch. Hope everyone is ok and things pick up.

    Will visit again. for more wistful staring at the dresser. And happy smiles for all your posts.


  12. Just hopped on over from somewhere and found your blog!! Beautiful. I have so enjoyed a quick look through. You are definately in my feeds now! Thank you for a lovely read.

  13. I’m sat here feeling not very well, but after reading all went you have been through I have decided maybe I’m not that bad off. ;0)

    the love heart stone is beautiful!

    Love Lou xxx

  14. First time visiting your beautiful blog!
    Sorry to hear about all the "problems" that you and your loved ones are going through...
    Some weeks are good and some others are just terrible!
    Hopefully you will all have better weeks to come...
    By the way.... LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Your dresser!
    I enlarged the photos and saw the wooden words... and thought it read FAT , but I thing it must be EAT. lol
    FAT is how I feel right now!
    It`s 23.30 and just had a packed of crips! Lol



  16. Wonderful Cornish treasures, I'm so sorry to here about the calamities that have befallen your family and hope that everyone is soon feeling 100%



  18. Just found your blog and I shall be back again soon. Very much enjoyed my visit.


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