Monday 31 August 2009

Bank Holiday Dorset and Devon (part 1)

Bank Holiday!
"I think we might just slip off to Dorset and Devon" said Him down the Lane, "As it's a Bank Holiday Weekend?" I asked, a little shocked by this turn of impulsiveness. Visions of gridlocked motorway, no parking spaces and generally NO ROOM AT THE INN!
Never the less, off we bravely trooped please do come along too!
Weather conditions not quite as balmy as predicted! We trecked across hill and dale, through Hardy country. (Thomas not Tom!) I am rather fond of Tess and Bathsheba, and love to imagine them roaming over these headlands. Sorry, I am digressing, Him down the Lane thought it high time we took a look at Portland Bill.

This marvelous relief is on "Bill"

I have to admit that Mr.Lane got a bit huffy when I became very animated about the wear and tear on this!

And when I started taking photos through this joyous grommit hole he sighed and laughed!

Love seaside flora and fauna! The colours sing so much and on an exposed headland like this you can only marvel at the resilience.

Meanwhile, Him down the Lane was admiring the obelisk made from Portland Stone.

There was a very touching tribute to a young sailor at the base.

Having lunched on a PROPER cup of tea, with tea leaves, tea strainer and extra hot water! and a good old English Hot Dog, we headed along the coast road. Stopping for a peak at Chesil beach, well just one small section as it seems endless.............
Before rocking up at Lyme Regis.
I cannot think of Lyme Regis without making the association with The French Lieutenant's Woman or Persuasion and I also like to think of Troy and Bathsheba when they are fleetingly happy together.
So needless to say I have quite a romantic association with Lyme Regis, and I wasn't disappointed.
Walking into town we passed the stream that leads to the Town Mill. And then discovered this wonderful, wonderful bakery.

Brilliant, brilliant enterprise, when you have a minute check out the website:
Flick through their book, it is divine.
Inside it are scrubbed tables and wonderful wonderful artisan breads, imagine a steaming cup of coffee and the newspapers, hot bread and jam, yum!

The breads are laid out on brown paper, the price and a brief description are simply written onto the paper in felt tip below, simple!

You might think we were beserk to attempt Lyme Regis at this busy time of year and yet look!

I admit I am crazy about amonites! and I just love the way the motif has been used on the design for the street lamps, it all adds to the charm of the place.

Couldn't pass these by without a couple of pictures!
Neapolitan ice cream colours and loving theses curtains

Further along towards the Cobb, the merry-go-round complete with Double Decker Bus!

Oh and then at last looking back on it all from the Cobb!

Heavenly place!

This is actually the wrong way up but I quite like it this way so I didn't change it.
Him down the Lane and I are real suckers for oggling architecture and we had such a great time looking at all the quirky details on the buildings. (As well as a whole catalogue of photographs detailing these idiosynkrasis!:0)

a little bit more amonite appreciation!

Imagine my delight to see this little table set up outside a lovely shop called "Ginger Beer"
It was choc full of desirables but as we were on a forced march I limited myself to one little indulgence.................

Love it! I will show you more another time x

Having satisfied my Lyme Regis craving we motored along the coast into Devon through Beer and along the lanes into Branscombe, where we arrived here for the night.

Back soon with the next instalment, I must make some breakfast!
I can't sign off without sending my heartfelt thanks to Lyn and Suzie for being so kind as to give my Blog an award, you are both lovely!
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  1. I am glad I am not the only one for whom the countryside comes alive with literary associations! Whenever we drove down to Dorset last winter I imagined Tess striding over those fields - it's almost as if Hardy has written Dorset into existence, just like Australia in the Dreamtime!

    Pomona x

  2. Oh I did enjoy this post..... all that is wonderful about Britain!

  3. 'Ahhhhhh' I love that stretch of the coast and your pictures have brought back so many lovely holidaying memories - before and after children!!

    Have a super Bank Holiday Monday,

    Nina x

  4. Oh to be Bathsheba.. especially if Troy was Terence Stamp!
    It does amuse me that we have been following each other around the country this summer.. and to such fine destinations such as Branscombe.. beautiful beautiful Branscombe no less.
    Is that the Mason's Arms perchance? A lovely spot to end up..


  5. What a beautiful holiday! Charming architecture, the perfect bakery, delightful shops...I need to schedule my next holiday there!

  6. What a delightful post! Thank you so much for inviting me to come along....I thorougly enjoyed it!
    Take care, Laura

  7. This is definitely going on my places to visit list! That bakers! And those street lamps! How wonderful, thank you for you lovley post! Suzie. x :)

  8. I feel like I've had a mini-holiday just looking at your fabulous photos. I noticed, too, that Rebecca is on your list of favorite movies and I have to ask - it is the one with Charles Dance or Olivier? Thanks for sharing the beautiful countryside.

  9. Oh thanks for sharing your trip with us. Those street lights are wonderful and the beach ice huts are ice cream dreamy! Now want to go to Lyme Regis!
    Lisa x

  10. How lovely to just off for a few days! I love that area and know it well. The house where you stayed looks so nice! I look forward to part2.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  11. Oh thank you for sharing such lovely pictures.
    Loved the icecream coloured huts. Cant beleive it was so quite on the beaches for a Bank Holiday! Nice though to have all that stretch of beach to almost yourselves!

    Never been to Lyme Regis but it looks lovely will have to keep that in mind for a future break.


  12. Weve had a couple of brilliant holidays there. Your impromptu trip looks divine!!

  13. What a charming weekend! Thank you for sharing, you're an amazing tour guide!

  14. Hi Sarah-Jane, gorgeous pics as always. I love the light house and the beach huts with the cute curtains. Looking forward to the next instalment! Kate x

  15. I was about to start by saying ooohh that picture of the deckchairs is fantastic, but then I scrolled down and I saw more and more delights. Thanks for taking me back with you to the haunts of my 20's.

    Glad you had a chortle at Vinnie and his headwear. Small admission Mr Bun drew them for me as I barked out orders. I was too busy working out the scanner.

    Looking forward to part two.

    Lisa x

  16. I just love that part of the world! And those beach huts make my heart skip a beat. Thanks for the lovely tour. :)

  17. Morning,What a lovely post, and those beach huts are so cute! , have a sweet day! x

  18. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing!
    Never been to Devon, yet!
    But hope to go one day, for our Summer holidays!


  19. Ahhhhhhh how LOVELY to visit with you, your blog is wonderful (just finished reading from the beginning).

    I know Lyme well (used to work the summers there there in my youth selling icecreams)..we were there a couple weeks ago visiting friends, but it was packed out and v hard to take pics without a million strangers in the way, I was VERY frustrated as the photo ops were enormous!

    Fabulous to find you Down The Lane...will be back soon..

  20. Ohhhh I can smell the fresh bread!

    Victoria xx


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