Wednesday 2 September 2009

Bank Holiday Dorset and Devon (part 2)

To me this is exactly what a seaside shop should look like!

Windmills, fudge and postcards.......JOY

Thanks for coming back for part 2!

Where were we? Oh yes, on into Devon........

At this point I must award a special Sarah-Jane Down the Lane golden bramble to Michele of Cowboys and Custard, who quite correctly guessed that we were indeed staying here...

At the Masons Arms in Branscombe!

Which Him Down the Lane kept pointing out that "*****" would love this!

You know who you are!

The following morning, after a "hearty" breakfast.(Bacon, eggs, snorkers, tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding (eughhhhh) etc.) We set off along the coastal path to Beer.

Wind whipping up along the headland, the rain rushing inland and no shelter!

This is the view looking back to Branscombe Beach from about half way up!

Then the system blew through and the sun emerged, phew!

On the descent into Beer we caught a glimpse of the sea looking down over the allotments. How brilliant a coastal allotment, what heaven?

Simply love this terrace of cottages.

Down on Fore Street I totally embarassed Him down the Lane by poking my camera into the hallway of a B&B, but just look at these fabulous tiles!

There's more........

Cant wait any longer, lets hop along to the beach and have a wonderful morning coffee from one of the cafe/huts. This is our favoutite "Chappel's".

Now you will have to forgive these next few indulgences!
Deckchair love ensued!
I have enough shots to fill a book and perhaps if I get it off this week it will be ready for Christmas, tee hee!

OK, OK that will do!
For now.............................

Little glance over my shoulder as we head back up the Coastal Path

So beautiful but when we get back I may need a little sustenance of the Cream Tea variety!
What about here?

The Old Bakery, Branscombe

Whilst I love the Orchard I am not as keen on Mr.Wasp who is in paradise, cream teas and rotting apples.......................I think I will hop over the road to the Forge

Loving this wonderful porch area.
"Off to Sidmouth" announced Mr.Lane

I wasn't too sure about this, but when we arrived I really loved it!
Especially the cool municipal spaces with brilliant planting including a Union Jack and this starfish amongst others. I mght publish the photo guide to this in time for Mothers Day!

After a bracing stroll along the Sea front and a climb back up a wooden stairway, Mr.Lane appeared around a corner up above me..."Quick, you have to see this...."

Magical, heavenly, glorious, surprising Connaught Gardens!
I knew nothing of it until that moment, it was breathtaking. What a position, high up looking out to sea, lots of interconnecting courtyards and spaces, wonderful. Clever Mr.Lane.

Looking back at Sidmouth from Connaught Gardens

That evening we wound our way back towards Branscombe to stay in a Cottage called "Baldash"
Here it is! Nestled amongst the trees
What an interesting window!
We slept in the room behind it, LOVELY.
That night we ate Fish and Chips out of the paper on the beach at Beer and watched the sun go down...............................
and the moon rise

Sublime :D

The next morning it was off to Dartmouth, to the Regatta.
Managed to hit the shops in Totnes on the way and bought "This and That!"
For SIL and BIL who were kind enough to invite us onboard their boat to watch the festivities.

That night we watched the fireworks tucked into sleeping bags drinking hot chocolate what a lovely finale to a Bank Holiday break!

Back soon with more deckchair piccies.........
only kidding x


  1. Gorgeous pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Personally I love all those deck chair photos. I agree with you about the seaside shop with the buckets and spades etc. We spent last week in Swanage and it is full of wonderful shops like that. Remind me of my childhood. I love them!

  2. Wonderful photos, thank you! `i haven't been to Devon for years and your photos have made me very nostalgic, It is such a beautiful part of the country. Glad you had such a good time.

  3. Another gorgeous post bursting with fab photos.
    I did laugh though as when I saw the photo of the beach shop I thought to myself, now that's exactly what a beach shop shoudl look like and then scrolled down to see that's just what you had written!
    p.s hope your mum is feeling brighter.

  4. My dear Sarah, Branscombe and Beer what a treat. We have a friend that lived there before he moved to Exeter and 'oh' what joyful memories your pictures have brought back of sitting in the pub drinking a few swift halfs with friends from the sailing club - fabulous!!

    Nina x

    ps. thank you for the Wee Birdy link! Nxx

  5. Wish I'd been with you - and that fantastic 'clotted cream' sign - I think I would have been tempted to bring it home under cover of darkness!

    Pomona x

  6. How I wish I was there! I’ve never been to Devon. After seeing your photos it is a place I really, really must visit. I love your quintessentially English photos of the deck chairs on the beach and the seaside shop. That takes me back to my childhood.

  7. Lucky girl, you made it to the Dartmouth Regatta! I so wanted to go there at the weekend but duty called in the decorating department. We had to get most of the work done before my daughter returned from her week away with her Father. It was so nice to look at your holiday photos especially on a dreary day like today!
    Isabelle x

  8. So many fab posts too read! One good thing about your blog is you make me feel a bit more normal, I have a thing for deck chairs too. Maybe we are normal and it’s everyone else who is not. ;0)
    If only I could get my hands on one of those beach huts and one of the cottages, I would be in heaven.

    Gorgeous pictures…love Lou xxx

  9. wow...such a lovely holiday!

    i love the pictures, so cheery and happy!

    thank you for your kind words and the comfort, thats lovely of you....x

  10. Oh why didnt you take me? It looks soooooo lovley. xxxxx

  11. ..Sublime..magnificient..breathtaking post!

  12. I must say, Devon's board of tourism should compensate you for this post. I'm daydreaming about a future European vacation, compete with visits to all of the places pictured above!

  13. What fantastic photos and I loved, love .loved the deck chairs. It made me chuckle that you were peering into the B&B's porch. So funny! But glad you did, those tiles! Suzie. xxx

  14. What amazing pictures. I especially like the look of The Old Bakery, Branscombe.
    Lovely blog, I look forward to reading more. x

  15. What a beautiful blog! I'll be back for sure...I love Beer and your pictures have captured the mood of the place perfectly - if only I could be there now having a dip in the water!

  16. Ohh lovely pictures..I love the Connaught Gardens ..did you have one of the enormous cakes in the tea shop?! Branscombe bakery.. now I would love to live in that house! Thanks for the journey! x

  17. W O W ....what a post. Full of mouth watering beauty!

  18. Lovely post, especially the wonderful, billowing deckchairs. Branscombe is beautiful, I've never been. Best wishes. Lesley

  19. love the shot of the tiles sort of thing I would do and my wife would tell me to behave myself LOL looks like you had a nice time

  20. Wow, such a lovely holiday! Do you have an idea how much would Dorset holiday cottages cost?

  21. I love escaping to the region and often stay in a local Bed and Breakfast Devon. I agree with Fiona about the deck chairs photos, especially with the backdrop of the cliffs and the sense of the sea breeze flapping the material of the chairs around. Keep posting for nostalgia! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Beautiful pictures. It seems like you had a wonderful time.

  23. The photos are great! I really love 'em. Such a nice place.


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