Wednesday, 9 May 2012

FLINT Perroquet

 Saturday was a rather grey, sombre affair here in East Sussex and, in need of some cheer, I headed into Lewes (never fails to charm so full of treasures and lovely cafes.) Of course I went to FLINT where Heidi and Julia run the most heavenly emporium...brimming with lovely pieces for the home downstairs as well as a lovely boutique feel to the clothes collection upstairs. Amongst other things they also sell carefully selected flowers. On Saturday there was a ravishing display of green and orange parrot tulips alongside pretty orange ranunculus...of course they had to come home with me!
I love orange ~ such a happy colour, and so much more sophisticated than perhaps it's given credit for. It works so well against so many other colours...I love to see it paired with pewter grey hues.
 As they open out I am reminded of those wonderful Dutch still life paintings with amazing dark backgrounds, this one is by Kuss Ferdinand.
Hip hip hooray for parrot tulips!
If you are thinking of a trip to East Sussex do seek out Lewes it is such a lovely place.
FLINT is currently showcasing the work of artist Tom Homewood which is well worth a visit too
The Parrots? Oh Nina Campbell, find the fabric here. Purely here as they make me happy! 
If you fancy more of an orange fix check out my pinterest board's visual vitamin C!


  1. Hey!
    I will be visiting England at the end of May and I hope to visit Lewes. Thanks for this post!

  2. Lewes is a regular haunt of mine.I know that's fab!
    Did you pop in to Bills I wonder? :0)

  3. I love visiting Lewes although I haven't been there for a few years, you are lucky living close by.
    Sarah x

  4. Mmmmmmm - totally delicious.

    I've never been but 'oh' how tempting - I wonder if I could persuade the mister?

    Nina xxx

  5. Love, love the fabric and the old still-life painting. You, also, have some wicked good pins up.

    You are just fascinating Miss Sarah-Jane.

    Thanks for all the interesting posts!

  6. Lovely tulips - I've always liked the old Dutch flower paintings. I don't know East Sussex at all, it's always West Sussex that I visit. Maybe I should explore a bit further afield on my next trip down there.

  7. Hailing from Tunbridge Wells you have brought back fond memories of Lewes; thank you for that.

    I smiled at those parrot tulips as I brought home so uncannily similar ones a couple of weeks ago from my favourite florist in Tours where I live. Orange is fab, as you illustrate so beautifully, but I have a particular fondness for yellow. Do you have a yellow mood board at Pinterest too?

    Warm wishes,


    1. Hello Stephanie ~ mais ouis! yellow board right here...

      Wow, you live in Tours how lovely! Are you having all this rain?

      Sarah -x-

  8. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I've just added yours to your Followers as we have a few things in common. LOVE those Tulips, btw. I had some that were like canary yellow paeonies this year - absolutely glorious.

  9. I LOVE Flint - I always pop in whenever I'm in Lewes - which is SUCH a beautiful town to visit - SO many gorgeous shops there. Your flowers look lovely - just the image of sunshine needed during these wet and dreary days! Paula x

  10. Anonymous20 May, 2012

    Lovely Blog! Found you through Lucy Fisher's Love lane vintage facebook page. The artwork for the parrots caught my eye because it was done by another Sussex girl, Elizabeth Ockford who was one of Campbell's in-house designers.


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