Sunday 6 May 2012

All downhill

At the bottom of the drive, on the opposite side of the Lane, is the gate to "Dangerfield". Yes, a literal naming as, soon after we moved here "Friendly Farmer" who was walking alongside me, advising me on what to do with the field suddenly vanished...yes! Vanished down an exceptionally deep hole, like the White Rabbit or Geraldine, the Vicar of Dibley, into that almighty puddle. So yes "Dangerfield" peppered as it is with large camouflaged Heffalump traps and sloping away alarmingly in places it is. What's that? Oh yes he's fine, if a little crestfallen, and yes I was indiscreet and hooted, couldn't help myself!
At the bottom of Dangerfield is a wooded gorge that leads down to a brook that is babbling with all the recent rainfall. I like to skid down to it with the Boodle and watch the petals from the cherry trees wash away in the coppery water like confetti in the rain.
Last year it was dry in bluebell season and I went sketching with Virginia in some pretty woods near the "Old Lane". Mmmm, I shant be lugging all my gear down the hill any time really would be watercolour! Here's my sketchbook...
When we came here the brook was all but dried up...he is happy for this rain...
 Have a brilliant week


  1. oh how funny!
    love the bluebells and your sketches too.

  2. Your sketches are beautiful!!

  3. Such beautiful sketches! I love to read your gave me a giggle today..poor farmer ;) I would have hooted too!

  4. such a beautiful photos and paintings too. i just love bluebells, who wouldn't i wonder? you are so lucky in England to have woodlands full of such beauties. we in Finland have blue anemones, liverleaf's which are beautiful as the bluebells.

  5. Oh your sketches are just amazing! I have always envied those who can draw as the skill completely eludes me.

    I did get a very comical image in my head when reading about the disappearing farmer - the poor man!!

    Have a lovely week!

  6. I don't think I could have not laughed also. Such pretty colours in your water colours.

  7. Love the watercolour paintings.
    Poor farmer - hope he was OK.
    Julie xxxx

  8. I think I would have laughed too!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely art work, hope you are enjoying some dry walks this bank holiday.
    Lisa x

  9. A proper mossy glen ... soooo pretty. It must be glorious when the leaves turn in winter.

  10. Sadly, my humour is such that I would DEFINITELY have laughed! Lovely sketches, and what a magical place you call home. Breathtaking! Paula x

  11. My bottom lip is not wobbling at all *snigger* - poor mister farmer.

    I love your sketchings or should that be etchings? Beautiful nonetheless.

    Nina xxx

  12. Have you had any other encounters with your "Friendly Farmer"? Beautiful paintings and the petals in the water.
    Sarah x

  13. Beautiful paintings! I love them all!


  14. Anonymous18 May, 2012

    You have really nice photos, love them and a lovely blog, x


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