Friday 18 May 2012

Earth laughs in flowers...

A wonderful new discovery this week, 
As you know it was Magpie's birthday and so I wend my way from Sussex along the coast to Devon to sing to the Magpie...we went to Totnes and here I popped into Emma's gorgeous shop.
Look at this stunning urn brimming with dill and kind of "arrangement".
 There were buckets of all my favourites...peonies, achillea, anttirhinum, roses and what an eye for colour...sorry for the camera shake but the colours are worth seeing in spite of the blur...

 and then on to lunch and singing
 here is my smiley by Emma!
 Back home in Sussex the peonies are open and brilliant, snap-dragons are coral and pink and reminding me of Granny's garden...yes the earth laughs in flowers and I smile along with them as they catch my eye.
Outside it is warmer, the earth is finally beginning to warm up...we smelt it this morning when I opened the back door to let Boodle out at sparrows...we have house-martins nesting in the barn and the swallows are finally returning...lilacs are blooming and the cow~parsley is frothing along the banks of the lane at last...perhaps she is not in full throw your head back laughter but gently giggling is Mother Earth...


  1. Glad you had a wonderful celebration with your Mum. I have been in the flower shop in Totnes, it's wonderful isn't it?
    Sarah x

  2. One of my favourite shops in Totnes it is so stylish and always have such beautiful flowers.

  3. Sounds like a lovely day.

  4. I'm back! =/

    I just wanted to say that, as I'm digging and planning my garden and changing my mind about things and refining my vision, your blogposts have been a much appreciated inspiration.... for example, I want to be able to pick a bouquet like that first one - gorgeous! More dill and carrots is what I need!!! I've been picking up these 'tidbits' of thought, all along and wanted to say, 'thank you!' =]


  5. Oh, and I love that very first image, too - more achillea, I think!!! =] I have the prettiest maroony/pinkish one that is just getting ready to burst into color....and i have to move it! I just do - it's in the totally wrong spot! =( ...and, is that a white pincushion flower???


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