Tuesday 1 May 2012


"Diamonds or wellies?" he said. Twelve years ago...on our first wedding anniversary. Hmm, what to do...after a little pause I triumphantly said "Wellies please."

I know you are thinking that this was the right answer, it was a test, and in passing it I would, in fact, discover the diamonds  packaged inside the wellies.

Wrong! No diamonds just wellies, navy blue and very sensible. I still have them in the barn, rotted and unwearable but precious none the less. Those wellies saw me through a dear friends wedding ( love you Ludo -x-) And many Cornish boating expeditions. Route marches to beautiful English Inns with beloved faraway family.
Whenever I pause to look upon those wellies little sparkling memories dart before me, projected onto the barn wall...shining and brilliant, every one...so you see he did give me diamonds...

(here we are back in 1997 just days after we met!)

To the best man I will ever know...

Whenever I look at this sweet set of images I feel touched ... together they built a garden, it is a fine aspiration in every way.

I think an annual photograph is a great way to mark an anniversary, let's start today...


  1. Happy anniversary to you both. Hope you enjoy your special day.
    Lisa x

  2. Happy anniversary. Such a lovely post!

  3. Happy Anniversary! That's definitely one of the more original anniversary presents I've come across:)

  4. Congratulations Sarah and Happy Anniversary! What a lovely story and brilliant idea - I would of chosen Welles too.

    Have a fabulous day,

    Nina xxxxxx

    1. Yep, we know about wellies you and I Nina!

  5. Happy Anniverasry. Lovely story
    Julie xxxxxx

  6. Happy Anniversary! Such a beautiful post :)

  7. Happy Anniversary Sarah and thank you for your gift to us all...your story and beautiful images. My anniversary is also this month and reminds me of a similar situation on our first Christmas when I preferred a hose reel. My sister-in-law couldn't understand why I would want that under the Christmas tree. Now I hope she understands when she see the gardens we've created!
    Sharon Bates
    The Caledonia Guest House
    Mont Alto, PA, USA

  8. Just lovely Sarah!
    Happy anniversary. Loving an annual photo too (although I fear I would be obsessed with whether it was a thin or fat year!!!)
    fee x

  9. Happy Anniversary! It is a lovely post and made me smile. It is the little things that make up our lives which mean the most. Enjoy! x

  10. Happy Anniversary, as you demonsrate in your lovely post you don't need riches to enhance life it's the small things that matter!
    Sarah x

  11. Happy Anniversary to you both. Love the annual photo idea :D

  12. Aaahhh, Sarah Jane how beautiful!

    So, shall we now change the saying to "Wellies are a girl's best friend"?

    Actually, I do believe that they are. Around here anyway. Id hate to be without my wellies.

    We will celebrate our 25th anniversary this year. My husband thinks that 25years is tupperware.....


  13. Lovely post. Happy Anniversary, hope you celebrate many more.
    We've just celebrated our Silver Wedding, wish we had had the foresight to take an annual photograph but we have lots of very happy memories.
    Carol xx


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