Monday 21 May 2012

Boodle, buttercups and bench...

Early summer is signalled by the plummy tones of Blowers on TMS floating out of the kitchen radio and curling through the open windows into the garden where his warm velvet voice is joined by the jubilant chirrups of courting birds. This is followed on by the Chelsea Flower Show, a week of unrivaled floral extravagance...yep, we're off...careering towards the Diamond Jubilee, Wimbledon and a small sporting event they call the Olympics  taking in Village Fetes, Regattas and garden open days along the way.
Here Down The Lane we are taking a gentle run up to all this bruhaha...
this is The Lane by the way, I realised I have not posted a picture and we have been here almost a year now! The house is at the top of the hill through the green tunnel.
I duly put cushions outside at the weekend and momentarily thought I might read the papers there...of course it was far too chilly and there was an enormous dandelion clump in amongst the rogue couch grass currently invading the hydrangea stared me down, I'm afraid and weeding got the better of me.
Later, in need of unfurling, having crouched low over the weeds all morning, Boodle and I took a stroll. Across the Lane and into Dangerfield ( yes, THAT field, as you know it slopes away dramatically). Here we took a few moments to admire the buttercups and bright green baby oak leaves. The advantage of being on a hill is of course the view but the day was grey and the whole field was lit by bright yellow buttercups, so no need to look any further afield ...studs of yellow buds floating above the grass...
can you spot the chimney stack on the brow of the hill...the house martins have been eyeing it up this week
The whole field all studded in yellow splots like paint flicked onto a green canvas

Oh and I was pleased to note that the Boodle does indeed like butter!


  1. Lovely photos of buttercups and Boodle!

  2. Anonymous21 May, 2012

    Hi, can you please add a Twitter and Facebook button to your posts, so I can easily share them?

  3. What a beautiful image of the "lane", the field of buttercups and your cute pup!

    I am excited for you to be going to the Chelsea flower show, to celebrate the jubilee and all of the other great things you are going to enjoy!

    I cannot wait to see the photos.

    Have a fabulous time at all of your events, Elizabeth

  4. Your Lane is SO beautiful - it must be even more spectacular covered in snow - so picturesque! And what lovely fields covered in buttercups - the perfect image of England in Springtime (even though it's frustratingly cold here today in Norfolk!). However, I'm even more impressed by the stunning photography - amazingly captured - every detail. Boodle of course is just content with looking gorgeous!
    Paula x

  5. What fantastic photography and what a magical lane and home you have, it is so beautiful and in such a breathtaking setting, you are a lucky lady down the lane. I love the split screen photos, very atmospheric. Love buttercups they evoke childhood memories. jayne x

  6. I love your photos of the buttercups and Boddle, and your tunnel in the lane! I hope you manage to sit outside this week and enjoy the sunshine fora change!
    Sarah x

  7. Anonymous21 May, 2012

    Hello! Just caught up with your latest posts, everything, as usual is so lovely & pretty, love reading about your finds and days out! I look forward to your next post!
    Kate - Oyster Bridge & Co.
    you might like this site -
    so lovely x

  8. Bless him....the boy has good taste.

    And such lovely pictures Sarah - oh I wish we had a few more rolling hills and fields of flowers around these parts - I guess we will just have to move a little further out or in - I wouldn't want to end up in the middle of the sea - if that makes sense.

    Nina xxx

  9. Your posts are so poetic!
    Buttercups and Boodle...I feel a song coming on. :0)

  10. I see mr boodle is looking very distinguished with his slightly grey whiskers coming through. And he looks so happy in the buttercups!

  11. What a truly beautiful part of the world you live in.

  12. The buttercups are lovely aren't they? There's a field near here that is covered with them and you're right that even on a dull day it looks as though the sun is shining. Your lane is beautiful, I wish I lived somewhere like that. Hope you've been managing to sit out and read the papers during the last week's lovely weather:)

  13. Ha ha as soon as I saw the close up of Boodle I thought does he like butter?!
    Lovely photos and a lovely lane.

  14. WHAT a gorgeous lane!!! Just perfect, Sarah-Jane!!! (oh, eesh! I'm a poet and did not know it....rolling my eyes, here....) The buttercups are delish and your dooryard - melting (heart melting, that is!)

    What lovely adventures you've been getting up to! Happy Birthday, Magpie (a titch late but the celbration really should go on and on....) and Happy Anniversary, too! I love those images of the couple in their garden as time goes by - so heartwarming! Beautiful fetes, fun shops, disappearing farmers.... wonderful! and, flowers and fabric everywhere!!! sigh. I love your blog!

    I'll have to come back for the next installation later, though - I'm losing the cool of the morning and will be breaking sod in the heat of the day... urgh! Till later...


    Oh! and, Those beautiful sweet peas! I've never grown them, either....I have soaring delphiniums, though! I'm leaving a spot for the pretty sweet peas in a shady cool corner and still going to put them in and, perhaps... do you think it will work? I'm doubtful, yet, hopeful but, at least, the spot will be reserved and ready for next year!


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