Wednesday 25 April 2012

cats and dogs

photograph:Carol Stark Concentric
It's raining A-G-A-I-N! grrrrrrr
Is it just me or has this weather begun to take on Biblical proportions?
Note Mr.Lane: Find Ark building manual

Having the Boodle to exercise twice a day I find myself in various states of drenched, soggy, cold, damp, claggy, catch my drift?
 After that rather lovely warm and oh so promising March I have been sporting lighter weight,prettier garments...hmmm, a re-think is urgently required.

If in doubt? what else is there?
yes siree...I am back to QUO style denim on denim I know to some of you this will be disturbing news. Denim on Denim is a tricky one, so this week I am being inspired by the following
 I know I sound a tiny bit grumpy and I suppose I am, but secretly I still fancy doing a bit of this...
rain: photograph by Richard Ford
 Denim and Hunters all the way!!!
Wellies via ignitelight.tumblr. April showers photograph: Rebecca Bellisario, methodphotos

...AND i LIKE IT, i LIKE IT, i LIKE IT, i LIKE IT, i LA LA LA Like it, LA LA LA Like ,
Here we go-o, rockin' all over the Weald.....
See you as soon as I have wrung out my jeans!


  1. Hitch those thumbs through the belt loops and get head banging! I know this weather is starting to really get on all our nerves now isn't it, I mean I know we needed rain, but so much EVERY day!!
    Get on your scooter and splurge through a puddle Miss SJ!
    Lisa x

  2. Like you I too walk my lab twice a day. But not today, it's just too much. We dashed out in a bit of sunshine and then we have thunder, lightening and we were thoroughly soaked. I can barely keep up with washing and drying the dog towels. Drying the hat for the next walk, etc. The tumble dryers going full pelt and I have put the heating on too.

  3. Hiya Sarah - you've found some gorgeous images there though I don't do denim so well in the rain. I can never seem to get dry,....but wellies - most definitely plus we've had some magnificent storms really. Not so much fun if you get caught in them though.

    Chin up - nina xxx

  4. Love the puddle pics. The lane I walk the dogs along here, on our way down to the water meadows, is more puddle than path at the moment. And if the river gets much higher the water meadows will be lakes. Plus we don't actually need the rain here in wet Wales and I have a hole in my wellies.

    Hope the sun visits you again soon x

  5. Love your post made me smile despite the dismal weather!
    Sarah x

  6. Its been pouring here too, someone stole the spring! I loved your post about the giant puppets, the same ones came to antwerp last year, it was just mind blowing! Hugs, catherine x

  7. Today I felt really grumpy today, as the rain was harder than it's been all week. I'm glad its not just me :) Windy too. Grrr

  8. I love the puddle photos. You find the neatest things to show us. (Sorry if I speak like some kind of hippie, I never got past that era!)

  9. Sun is out over here and I hope it stays out, great photo of the rain in the puddle.

  10. Like you I have no choice about going out in the rain and I'm fed up with wearing waterproof trousers and splodging about on muddy bridle paths. I'm still in winter jeans and heavy sweaters. I do like that pretty floral top though .

  11. Love your blog - just found it !

  12. Oh gosh everybody seems to be experiencing crazy weather as of late! We had such a ridiculously rainy summer here, and are still being subjected to long spells of dreary, dreary rain although ironically, we are getting more sunshine now that we are in the middle of autumn. I'm just thankful that the cat doesn't need walking :)

  13. Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by my blog. I tried to find an email for you but can't seem to see one. Sorry you had problems accessing my raffle page, could you let me know if you are still having trouble and I'll look into it for you. Thanks so much. Catherine x (

  14. Oh this bloody rain!! As you know, the goats have arrived and if there's one thing goats hate --- it's getting wet. There is nothing more miserable than a wet goat! Me, I am rarely out of my utilitarian 'Dickies' overalls these days - although I did buy some rather fancy dungarees from Garden Girl recently. They are beyond frivolous! xx

  15. Hi, Nice to meet you, love your blog; great pics. Not so sure about the denim on denim craze, although I have seen people carry it off, It always reminds me of a denim suit! It's raining been pouring here too in Hertfordshire. Lets keep our fingers crossed for a dry weekend. Hugs, B x

  16. Oh, I remember reading this post and laughing and laughing! We've had the same weather as you, this spring - although, not quite in the same proportions as yours.... this year (last September we had our 500 year flood, though. =/)

    oh, how I love denim.... skirts, that is!!!


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