Sunday 28 August 2011

Time to unFirle

What could be better on a blustery August Bank Holiday than a good old blow as Granny would say, " Do you know Sarah, it was so windy up there it nearly blew me eyebrows off!" ( Said in a buttery west country burr.)

Firle beacon - sea on one side, South Downs on the other. A high swirling ridge where an English carpet rolls  out below us. A glorious carpet, all green and golden and studded with yellow and purple. Fields demarked by their hedges embroidered with late summer flowers.... and at the bottom? 
The prettiest little village resplendent with pub, post office, buckets of flowers and home grown produce.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend


  1. Lovely picture postcard, enjoy your holiday.

  2. so lovely! oh, you make me jealous ;) we are having a hurricane, here on the east coast of the US...definitely blowing hard enough to take your eyebrows off! ha! LOVE that saying :)

    enjoy your weekend!

  3. What an amazing spot and the perfect way to spend the bank holiday I agree. It wouldn't be the end of August bank holiday without being blowy though would it!

  4. That's just what I need today.

    Beautiful, amazing pictures Sarah - I love the compilations.

    Happy bank holiday weekend too.

    Nina xxxx

  5. Know it well.Nothing like a good hike to blow the cobwebs away! :0)

  6. Sarah,
    We are fine....the hurricane was kind of a dud, in the end :) Thank goodness for that!

    xo Jennifer

  7. it looks like a beautiful place, I love the photos in this post.

  8. How fabulous I love the pictures and that early Autumn feel to them xxx
    Lynn xx

  9. So pretty, bet you had a great day blowing the cobwebs away.

  10. Even with the blowing, everything looks so beautiful!

  11. My heart swells with joy when I am up there! Beautiful place! (in all weathers!)

  12. Hey Lorna, are you there? I tried to leave a comment for you on your blog but was too dumb to! How do I contact you?

    Sarah xXx

  13. What a lovely day...I would say it was perfect! Thank you for sharing my friend....hugs for an amazing September. xox


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