Sunday 7 August 2011

Clear as crystal

Early, early morning, bright and clear and pure as cut glass.
As I heave open the old oak door I was rushed by a swirl of cool, cool fresh air - the wind is coming from the north today. I glance at the Boodle who sniffs his agreement.

The wind grew impatient and flipped up my hair "OK!" I reach for my wellies and step out into the early morning clean chill. Exhilaration - a great surge of joy. Go back and grab the camera, ready to take a wander.Such a playful wind, all calm and still and then, in a moment, a thrill in my throat as an unexpected gust whips through me. I smile at my childish delight.

Conscious of being observed I remember my attire (wellies and P-Js!). I look over the barn, into the Gods and there the swallows line up along the telegraph wire that stretches from behind the barn across the top field and away. They too are sensing this new freshness on the breeze and I fancy mentally mapping long haul flights to come.

The remaining audience are in the stalls, quietly munching the sweet green shoots beneath our feet. The garden is large enough that they have become brazen enough to continue to graze even in sight of Mr.Boodle, cleverly judging the exact distance required to safely out run him. Not that he has the slightest inclination to chase them.

I confess that I linger for quite some time by the brick farm building. Pipe dreaming and planning all the creative activities it will house.....just think, all the things I will paint/make/do inside those lovely brick walls.

Round the corner and into the orchard, so much windfall already, I must bag them up for friends pigs and horses!

Back at the house I must show you this lovely coral red rose against the weatherboarding.
Oh and yes, you must just take a peep inside.....

Whilst I hang out the washing!

So lovely to feel the delicious thrill of a cold wind - but now I am off to find a jumper!


  1. the light-oh the light!
    so lovely!
    enjoy the last of the summer wine

  2. It all looks so beautiful - and how wonderful to have a barn - full of so much potential!

    Pomona x

  3. I am in such awe.

    I bet you can't wait to light that fire.

    Nina xxx

  4. What a lovely post to read, you have written so well.
    Where you live and your house reminds me so much of out house except we're still renovating after eight years.
    We even have the same table and chairs brought over with us from England.
    Looking forward to reading more.
    Hope you have some sunshine as well as rain and wind.


  5. Well you succeeded in smoking me out of my 'lurker' status with those hydrangeas!! I am totally in love with your gorgeous new lane home dear but just simply so very very envious of that stunning garden and those heavenly hydrangeas!
    Hope you are well.

  6. Lovely post.
    We had a storm this afternoon whilst I lay on the bed with the 2 cats, lovely!
    At the moment it is sunny with lovely fluffy clouds.

    Have a great week,

    Sandie xx

  7. A really lovely post. Just love the photo of the washing drying in the wind. Your new home is looking so cosy.
    Lisa x

  8. your new home looks fabuloud dreamy
    happy new week
    fee ♥

  9. Dreamy! And it all looks so gorgeous inside already! You sound so happy, really chuffed for you. x

  10. Just beautiful-- everything - your home (love the floofy white sofas), your garden, even your laundry ;)!

    GG (drying up in Texas ;()

  11. Wow, what a pretty part of the world you live in, what joy it must bring you. Love your photos.

  12. I am mad with envy...what a lovely home you have! I too love that cool crisp early morning air. Hope your weekend was relaxing and homey.

    xo Jennifer

  13. lovely!!! Thank you for the tour!!!

  14. It looks so idyllic - fantastic views, beautiful garden and lovely home.

  15. Love your pretty images today my friend..pure joy. Those apples make me very very happy! I know Fall is on her way! Yahoooooo!

  16. So wonderful Sarah, I love all your special places, especially the clothes line, I love clothes lines, something very zen about hanging the wash. My family and I are here now I think just to the north of you as my children will be going to MH school. Just acclimating right now and looking for a home of our own, hopefully with a clothesline...

  17. Love your photos. Your house looks very homely, and your washing must smell delicious after waving in that breeze. Early morning walks make you feel glad to be alive.

  18. Oh wow, your home is looking gorgeous and the gardens and setting just heaven. But the barn, oh the barn, that's my dream when we up sticks to the country. Can't wait to see what you do there...
    Hen x


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