Tuesday 16 August 2011

Through the window and in the hall

Soft, rich tones of colour and light seen from through the window at 6.30am. A kind hearted morning, sweet and ripe like the hedgerows. I felt an impulse to harvest and bring some mellowness indoors.

I am by no means a florist but I just loved snipping and seeking the red hawthorn berries and the crab apples and the slowly antiquing hydrangea heads. Of course mellow can also mean slightly tipsy, and that is perhaps the title of my arrangement!
The hall table is now bedecked in something that recalls my early morning glimpse through the window. 



  1. I love that evening light - it's my favourite time of day (especially if theres a glass of something cold in my hand!)
    fee x

  2. sarah, your new home looks so beautiful! i hope you & mr boodle are settling in well x lovely seaonal arrangement! that's inspired me to go walkies with my smartie & my secateurs :) han xx

  3. Such beautiful views from your windows, Sarah! So calm and serene, it almost looks like autumn! And your floral arrangement is beautiful. Have a great day!


  4. Firstly I cannot tell you how lovely it was to read your comment on my post today - thank you so, so very much for your kind words.

    Secondly I adore your flower arranging skills and am so pleased it is not just me who is looking longingly at hedgerows of berries, wishing they were inside!


  5. Wow, the view is stunning! I love the beautiful arrangement, I would never had thought to do that with the berries!

  6. Beautiful - you have found your paradise there as we have here.

    Diane. x

  7. lovely views lucky you. Your arrangement looks great as does your new header!

  8. Preciosas vistas,saludos.

  9. a breath of fresh air. have a wonderful day. Jane x

  10. blousey, flowsy and a little tipsy
    lovely as always Miss S-J

  11. Gosh - it makes me think of Autumn. All golden and subtle - just beautiful.

    Nina x

  12. hi- saw your blog on Jayne's sidebar and just had to come over and take a look.

    How lovely it all is- your photos sum-up the atmosphere so prettily.

    Mornings are getting quite autumnal now aren't they, and definitely the best time to be about (like you I'm also in wellies and pjs 1st thing!)

    The hydrangeas here have loved the wet weather and have gone shabby quite quickly. Every year I mean to dry them for a later display but somehow never get round to it

    Hope to come back again

  13. Utterly beautiful! What a view and what a perfect arrangement.

  14. Sarah dear,

    YOU ARE A FLORIST...how elegant and natural everything looks. Fits right in and looks charming. Very enriching.

    All joys to you,



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