Thursday, 11 August 2011


I love that late summer fade as blooms become tired and give way to fruit. Yesterday I walked all the field margins looking for blackberries - they are barely ripe up here in the wind. Disappointed I head back to the garden where I remember the cobnuts apples and plums. Mr.Lane loves cobnuts and I? crumble. This one is Apple and plum with a dash of blackberry!

Jammy and crunchy!

Sarah xXx

PS Hello Jody and welcome to East Sussex! Hope you are settling in OK?

PPS Cassie - I have saved you a bowl of crumble!
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  1. Made some apple and plum crumble the other week, lovely.

  2. Can't believe crumble season is upon us already! Change is in the air...

  3. Lost me entirely on the cobnuts???

    But I found my why back to you when i heard crumble.


    xo Jane

  4. I just love cobnuts, you're reminded me to seek some out. Love the look of that crumble x

  5. yes it's nearly time to go blackberry picking.....lots of crumble!

  6. DIVINE photos and I love crumbles too.

    thanks for sharing this summer moment with us.

    All joys to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

    P.S. I'm going picking today!

  7. Peaches are in season here in Michigan and I have been wearing the juice on my shirts everyday. Better to make a nice cobbler!!


  8. if I lived within a 50 mile radius of you I would hunt that crumble down! happy foraging...fee x (no blackberries up north for a good while yet, brrrrr!)

  9. I didn't realise you picked cobnuts when they are still green. We've got a hazelnut bush and I've always left them to ripen - and then they've disappeared before I've got to them. Can you eat them straight away?

  10. Do you know - for all the years I have lived here I have never tasted a kentish cob - whey hey!

    Not to my knowledge anyhow.

    Have a beautiful weekend Sarah,

    Nina xxx

  11. Found your blog via Sharon Lovejoy . . . so happy I did, have wandered around here for the last hour. Love what you're doing. Love where you live! Thank you for the views!

  12. Yummmmmm my sweet friend....a crumble is just what I need today! Yours is so pretty. The weather is a wee bit cool today so a cozy day of baking is in store. Hugs to you. oxxo

  13. that looks and sounds delish, we usually go blackberrying in late august or early sept. I love making jam with them and any leftover get put in a crumble.
    Love your blog
    Gill x

  14. Yum! yum! What a super-duper crumble, with cobnuts! I'm moving to Kent!!!

  15. Delicious summer bounty! I love crumbles! Beautiful photos. Have a great day.

  16. Thanks so much for your comment. Ah, Charlie Mouse! (to be said in a very high, squeaky voice) - I love him. I have one actually - he plays the 'we will mend it' song when you press his tummy.

    Yeah, I'm okay - nice of you to ask. But tired, but fed up with the grind of retail. But tired of being broke. Wish I was more successful business woman type!

    I love your Emma Bridgewater oven gloves on the post!

    We may be getting goats in near future - two or three. Mike says we should call them Emma, Cath and Laura after the 'holy trinity' of Bridgewater, Cath K and Laura Ashley. Haha.

    I quite fancy Mary, after the Secret Garden. Also my mum's name :)

    Love Charlotte

  17. I'm in a country town in Queenslands sunshine coast , I was told I'm a women of Avalon , these pictures just are calling out to me take me home , cornwall is such a beautiful place , i watch escape to the country religously just to get a peek at some of the heritage listed cottages and barns so beautiful, love the english country side, great inspiration,for my permiculture gardens . TA Leticia OZ


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