Thursday, 1 September 2011

Back soonish

Hello it's me! Buster
Just to let you know I am off to Cornwall and have prevailed upon Sarah-Jane and Mr.Lane to drive me there, they are very obliging. I shall be partaking in long late summer walks, lots of swimming and general larks.....I will let them know when I want to come home, maybe in a week or so!

Shh, don't tell Buster-Boodle, it's me Sarah! I just wanted to tell you that this beautiful painting is by Joanne Short, one of my very favourite artists, it's called" Helford Flags and Flowers". The house is on the Helford so I particularly like this one. I love her strong use of colour and the patterns she creates.All that red against a cerulean sea and a lemon sky! You can see more of her work here.

See you soon when the Boodle is all sea-salty and tired out!

PS . Next time you want to do some typing Buster, perhaps you could dictate and I will do the honours!


  1. Have a great time, look forward to seeing what you have been getting up to...
    Hen x

  2. have a lovely time, Buster...and you too Sarah ;)

    xo Jennifer

  3. What a fantastic idea Buster! Hope you all have a wonderful time and I completely jealous as I would love to stroll along a Cornish beach right now. Although, in my current state it would be a pregnant waddle, but still!
    See you on the other side of a gorgeous break xx

  4. It is very nice of you Buster to take Sarah-Jane and Mr Lane on holidays.

    Have fun.

  5. Bye Buster. have fun on holidays. We took our hermit crab on holidays with us recently! Lucky pets. Safe travels Sarah-Jane. Jane x

  6. That first photo of you Buster looks like a cardboard cut out!

  7. Wow! What a beautiful area. I have had the pleasure of traveling to many places in Engliand but never here, I will have to put this on my list! Enjoy you trip and Buster enjoy the beach!

  8. Hope you have a fantastic holiday Buster, be kind to your mum and dad and let them have a sleep in every now and then.

  9. Hey Buster! Have a great holiday with your humans! Look forward to hearing all about your escapades when you return. :0)

  10. So jealous, I love this time of year but it's spoilt by the back to school madness. One day...


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