Tuesday 31 May 2011

Stills from the film "Third Star" by Western Edge Pictures

I am loving the production values on this little movie, the styling looks fantastic don't you think? Plus Benedict can do no wrong in my eyes!

James (Benedict Cumberbatch) wants to make the most of his life~what's left of it. He invites his three closest friends to join him on a camping trip to his most favourite place in the world.....

See the trailer here it's well worth a butchers.

Funny how life throws you little anomalies, little coincidences or do we perhaps look for links? I am always open to serendipitous encounters as you know. The reason I say that is that I was listening to Fleet Foxes "Blue Spotted Tail" and I couldn't get the lyrics out of my mind

Why in the night sky are the lights on?
Why is the earth moving round the sun?
Floating in the vacuum with no purpose, not a one
Why in the night sky are the lights on?

Seems to me that this is just the sort of question "James" would be asking.....

I shall be looking very closely at the stars tonight,



  1. Thinker, dreamer, wonderer, we are cut of the same cloth you and I. Plus Cumberbatch admiration, adored him as Sherlock! And I love films where frames look good enough to hang on the wall. Loved Wallander for that.

    Your blog, more than most, I am so often thinking "I know, I agree, exactly, ditto"...etc etc!

  2. oh that looks like a winner... on to my list! Cumberbatch can do no wrong for me either! x


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