Thursday 26 May 2011

Postcard from Portugal

Ola! Bom Dia!
Here I am, fresh from the Algarve.
Fresh from the orange groves, the fisherman's huts, the Timoleon Vietas*, the sardines, the tiles, the colours, the mosquitoes, the Jacarandas, the laranja and almond cakes.....

Isn't it marvelous that after 12 years of marriage Signor Lane is still capable of "Sweeping me off my feet!"
Actually, in the interest of factual journalism I ought to correct that, isn't it marvelous that after 12 years of marriage Signor Lane stops me at the front door of the villa, takes his "besom" and literally sweeps my feet! Yes, sweeps all remnants of sand and beach from my toes!

And I think I shall never be able to leave England again when I return to its familiar terrain.
I am always desperate to be reacquainted with our national beverage, a nice cup of Cha! I like it "Builders". I would take it intravenously if I could!

Whilst having a splendid coffee and catch up with some gorgeous friends near Tavira I am reminded what an extraordinarily small bloggy world this is as my lovely Rabbit told me that one of the girls in her knitting club reads my blog!
Just imagine how wonderful and amazing that felt! (Hello Sarah!)
So to all of you that check in and comment or follow or lurk I say a hearty "Ola" and "Obrigada". I am so lucky to have found this space to write and think and share. I do appreciate you all taking the time to visit the Lane.

And all the while I bustle around in the kitchen humming, sorting out laundry and dishes and shopping, the veilchenblau rose, that adorns the kitchen window, has kindly burst into a profusion of purple flower as if to simultaneously welcome us home and transport me back to balcony smothered in bougainvillea.

Lovely to be back

*Come Home Timoleon Vieta
Meet the mongrel. Timoleon Vieta. A deeply loyal, undemanding and loving companion ...with the most beautiful eyes. He's living an idyllic existence in the Italian countryside with Cockroft, a composer in exile. Until, that is, the mysterious and malevolent 'Bosnian' comes to stay. How will the stranger affect the bond between dog and master? Timoloen Vieta Come Home is a deeply moving and strange take on the Lassie legend.

32 mosie bites and counting, any bright ideas about how to stop the scratching?


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely time...your pictures are gorgeous! I'd give anything to feel the sand between my toes right now!! But it's good to be home, isn't it? Enjoy your beautiful rose!


  2. Marilyn Chapman26 May, 2011

    Lovely to receive your cheerful blog - especially as I have the sand between my own toes, too. (Not the same sand, naturally, although I have mentioned to my husband that he might want to do a bit of aforementioned sweeping....)
    Here's to holidays and to coming home!

    Guernsey Girl

  3. Oh I love Tavira , we went there when we stayed at Praia De Rocha, gorgeous little place and oh your photos idyllic... where did you stay?

  4. can hear the giddiness in your voice!!!
    lovely pictures - especially liking whatever you are wearing in that central picture...
    all fans of builders tea up here - naturally,
    liking that you are still feeling the love with your man (us too - result!)
    Mainly liking that you are so happy after your hols (i'm a bit of a holiday blues type - OH starts getting cross on about day 7 when I start murmering something about it 'not being long enough')
    fee x
    (also like a small world conincidence)

  5. Looks like you had a great holiday, loved your photos. Another place I will have to add to the bucket list.

  6. You need a tube of "Antisan". Holidays are wonderful - time to actually aquaint yourself with the hubby again! Great photos - full of lovely colour.

  7. Jamminess of the upmost and wonderful kind - I love your picture with your feet up and glasses just resting at the side......just perfect.

    Nina x

  8. Anonymous28 May, 2011

    Love that foot shot collage and we would be happy to post it at toemail if you didn't mind?

  9. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Lovely pictures!

    Silver MLM

  10. These are beautiful collages!!
    Have a happy happy weekend xx

  11. holiday envy! so gorgeous!

  12. Hello....It's Sara...But Sarah is fine. ;-)
    I love reading blogs it's awhole new world.
    My parents live in the Garden of England too.
    Sara Jollyxxxxxxxxxx

  13. What JOY....that you for sharing my sweet friend. xoxox


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