Saturday 7 May 2011

Another great.....

.....English garden!
I know I am on a bit of a roll~
this is Great Dixter also in East Sussex.

Home of the late and very great Christopher Lloyd

"Christopher Lloyd was one of the most inspired plantsmen and garden writers of the past century. He spent his lifetime practicing and refining his art at Great Dixter, his family’s rambling Sussex Manor House in Southeast England. "

This is a place I have been longing to visit, why has it taken me so long? My mind was made up once I read the article in the March issue of World of Interiors

What a delicious place this is if, like me you love shaggy colourful gardens that look effortless not spotless and borders that evolve through the seasons with brilliant planting schemes. Much credit to Fergus Garrett and his team.
(Brilliant article by Fergus here I love the description of his relationship with Christopher, wonderful honest writing.)

This garden provoked such a strong joyous reaction in me that a lot of "twirling" took place.
My family will be smiling at this admission!

TWIRLING ~ distinctive behaviour of S-J DTL when overcome with a sudden rush of happiness and joy. A spontaneous on the spot spin followed by a series of small hops/skips and jumps.

Have a brilliant weekend wherever you are,

Sarah xXx

ps. Good news, It's raining at last!


  1. lol, I'm a twirler too!

    I love this garden - I much prefer this type of garden to neat and manicured ones which I find a bit boring!

  2. Ha I'm not surprised you twirled! What a gorgeous garden! xxx

  3. Love the garden and all the photos.
    I read also the article in World of Interiors ( managed to pick up a copy whilst in the UK ).
    I LOVE that you did 'twirling' - keep it up - it's the sense of childhood joy to be kept very carefully.

    Yes - we've got rain in Brittany too - at last.

    Love Diane.

  4. lovely house, love a shaggy garden! Liking the idea of a joyous twirl, thinking you should work for the English Tourist Board, loving old wheelbarrow, liking the look of a path (that hints of a dallience!)
    like, love, think!
    fee x

  5. I saw that WofI article on Great Dixter- so fabulous!
    Love the tulips in the borders.
    I can just see you twirling!
    The cold has set in here, nippy on the cheeks but still not quite winter.
    Hope the garden is blooming with the bit of rain!

  6. A wonderful post and a wonderful site!!! Gorgeous pictures!!

  7. One word - WOW!

  8. I have always wanted to go to Great Dixter - your photos make me long to go even more ...

    Pomona x

  9. What a beautiful garden and gorgeous photos, you twirl girl! :-)


  10. Lucky, lucky Sarah, I would have been twirling too! Great Dixter is on my "bucket list". Fergus is certainly doing a fantastic job keeping Christopher's spirit alive. I think he was one of the very best gardening writers, "The Well Tempered Garden" is my favourite.
    One day............
    Thank you so much for sharing the lovely
    Carol xx

  11. love this garden! lovely house - beaztiful and authentic...Happy weekend!

  12. It's raining here too (Gloucestershire!)
    I love Christopher Lloyd's writing and I would love to visit Great Dixter!!

  13. Beautiful! I wish we had more gardens like this to visit here! Cx

  14. I love the dark red tulips in the forget-me-nots.

  15. What a beautiful garden. Love the tulips with the bellis and the forget me nots,so simple and so pretty.
    Yay for the rain for the plants!
    Lisa x

  16. This sublime garden is enough to make anyone twirl or spin in Dervish fashion! Your clever photographs have done it proud and bring back memories of my own pilgrimage there seven years ago. It's beauty has not diminished.
    Michele xx

  17. Oh, oh, ohhhhhh - another place I've always wanted to go, but..........I can just envisage my three little trampling monsters - the shrieks, the mass destruction from running, jumping, skipping, seeking little feet - maybe not for a!

    I shall just enjoy your spinng pictures.

    take care,

    Nina x

  18. It looks absolutely gorgeous, I especially like the bed of maroon tulips dotted amongst the small blue & white flowers.


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