Monday 16 May 2011

Happy Birthday Magpie

Happy Birthday
to the loveliest, shiniest Magpie in the whole wide world

I would fill the whole of your nest with flowers of every type, great bowls brimming with fragrance and colour, just imagine that Magpie!

Have a gorgeous day ~ I love you Mum


  1. What a beautiful mum!! The pics of her are wonderful.... thank God for mum's!!!

  2. Hey SJ and Miss Holly...yes gorgeous pics...made me get a little teary! I should write more nice things about my Mum. She is very cute.
    DYING to hear about your upcoming news Sarah. Penny has told me it is divine!!!!!!!!!!
    Yipppppeeeeeeee. tres exciting.
    Miss Polly xxx

  3. Your mummy is a very pretty lady! CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your Moonwalk! How fantastic you clever girl!
    Rachel x

  4. True glamour never fades. What a beautiful lady.

  5. Such a glamourpuss! She seems to have a lot of birthdays - it doesn't seem 2 minutes since her last one! xxxxxxx

  6. how lovely - your Mum is gorgeous!!

  7. Hope you mum had a fabulous day.
    How was your walk? Did you enjoy the experience?
    Lisa x

  8. Hey - what a lovely Mum you have!
    Was thinking about you doing your walk - hope it went well.
    Fee x


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