Sunday 6 March 2011

"Caer" to join me.........

......for a stroll around Caerhays Estate?

Apparently the garden is about two weeks off being at it's very best!
Well I must say I was so drunk taking in the camelias, magnolias and rhodies that were already magnificent I don't think I could have coped with much more splendour in one afternoon.

Home again with Cornish spoils!
MIL's garden has almost as many Camelias as Caerhays and so the car was filled to the brim with them as we left. I have filled jugs, vases, bottles and mugs.......
When we arrived home an Australian parcel was awaiting adorned with flora from another continent, how amazing!

Thank you so much for your lovely birthday wishes ~ hope you are enjoying a sunny weekend wherever you are in the world,
love Sarah


  1. What a stunning post, so many beautiful photos full of floral goodness.
    Lisa x

  2. What a glorious feast for the eyes your blog is! Caerhays is one of those magical places that is firmly entrenched in my memory of childhood Cornwall. I first went when I was 12 years old and remember so clearly, picking up skeleton Magnolia leaves to take home. We returned a few years ago to collect shells on the beach below.
    Michele xx

  3. We're off to Cornwall for a week during the Summer hols - so although the magnolias, etc won't be around the garden and property is certainly one for the must go and see list. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.

  4. I know why I want to live in Cornwall! Summer starts so much earlier - thanks for taking me. xxx

  5. ahhh! I missed your birthday!
    so happy -late-birthday!
    oh my doilying fingers are itching to get at that magnolia.... it's a stunner
    I do love a rhodi 'tree', so amazing when they are big and in flower
    once again... happy birthday S-J!
    pen xxx

  6. I cannot believe all the blooms! we do not even have one bud here! jennyx

  7. oooh, much warmer down south! lovely pictures as fee x

  8. Would it be ok if i linked to your blog, so show off your pics of Sarah Raven's garden sometime next week? Bx

  9. ps. my first comment got lost! - Just admiring your dreamy shots of Cornish loveliness, and wishing Spring would work its way east sometime very soon!xxx

  10. But that wonderful place!
    I love England and photos
    are great like your blog.
    ° ° SUSY

  11. What an absolutely beautiful place and it looks as if you had amazing blue skies and sunshine too. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous views.
    Ann x

  12. Lovely pictures! I wish I could see all the blooms in person. We have still another two months before we see daffodils and tulips. Spring comes very late in Chicago.

    Happy belated birthday!


  13. Now that big tree is just beautiful..... since my local park closed for renovations I missed the rhodedendrons but these are gorgeous

  14. What a lovely spot...nothing like that around here at all! I want to move in!

    Sending you oodles of hugs for a sunshine filled week my friend. xoxoxo

  15. I always love seeing your photos of Cornwall! Sounds like you enjoyed a beautiful birthday. Best wishes. :-)

  16. Hiccup - think I'll join you!

    Such beautiful mags and rhodis - just love the colours, so vibrant.

    Nina xxx

  17. Such beautiful lovely the gardens look. Miles ahead of us of'll be weeks before ours flower.


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