Thursday 31 March 2011

Apple Blossom

Nod to Pen at Cottage Industry,
simply had to include her doily tree in this photo montage
as it seemed so perfect amongst the buds and blossoms.

Ok I admit I am becoming a little obsessive on this subject ( see my Eve's Pudding post here)
but I make no apologies as it has spurred me to share this beautiful fairytale of a song by Esperanza Spalding.

I can't begin to explain the loveliness so when you have a quiet moment have a listen.........

Esperanza Spalding - Apple Blossom(part. Milton Nascimento)

Just had to paint the blossom currently starring on the kitchen table.

Thank you to Belinda at Wild Acre who made me brave enough to show you x


  1. darling s-j of course you can use the picture!
    and you won the doily sticky tape!
    (send through your address or send the 'other penelope' in to pick up a special box of goodies if you prefer.... which I must put together asap!)
    beautiful Melbourne autumn days, you would love the light
    and a beautiful piece of art you have done too!

  2. Hello Sarah,
    Such gorgeous apple blossom, thanks for the mosaic, and also for sharing your painting. What a talent you have! I love anemones too, though often find them difficult to get hold of.
    Hen x

  3. That is a lovely painting, thank you for showing us, hope there will be more.
    Crol xx

  4. the apple bloossoms are so delicate and beautiful. My late father in law had an apple tree growing in his back yard... gorgeous blooms! The kids tried to eat the apples once but they were just the little sour kind. :-)

  5. Oh! What a wonderful artist you are! There is an artist named Julia Crossland and she has a wonderful post on her blog about BEING CREATIVE. Please go and look at it...I think it would be very encourageing for you. I LOVE your drawing and painting!!!
    Kay Guest

  6. Ahhhhh - I do love a spot of blossom. I think it is one of my most favourite of flowers.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  7. Thank you for sharing your art work with us.It's absolutely fabulous, you are very talented.
    Lisa x

  8. Beautiful apple blossom! Love the mosaic photos.
    Your painting is lovely, glad you had the courage to show.


    Wowza, you have proper talent, and I hope to be seeing lots more of your work, I'm all excited for you, can you tell! Def join Julia Crossland's creative project, made for someone like you!

    And, apple blossom. Possibly my favourite blossom of all, I have been adding it to posies all morning, my poor one tree is looking a little, ahem, super-pruned! It is that bright green, hit of pink in bud, and white blossom - unbeatable. It might creep into one of my posts sometime too.

  10. You clever sausage you! Beautiful water colour painting.. and you might just have inspired me to pick up my old paintbrushes again.
    Isn't this time of year so very special.. the blossom is out on our Spirea Bridal Wreath and the apple blossom is not far behind. I love the delicacy of this season.. fresh unfurling leaves.. tiny sprigs of flowers. Perfick!
    On the subject of Bath.. Yes it was Mad Eli.. gosh you nudged a memory there. I think he has sadly passed away but his legacy lives on!
    Happy Spring time to you..
    Michele xx

  11. Hi Sarah, happy spring! I love your paintings! So beautiful, you should show more. I wish I could paint like that. :-)

  12. I think your painting is fantastic, you are obviously talented. I'm intending to try painting (haven't done it since school) but taking the first steps is actually quite scary - I guess I'm frightened I may just be rubbish after all. I hope my attempts are even half as good as yours!


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