Saturday 19 March 2011

Hmmm, what to wear?

The sun has got his hat firmly on!
Spring is taking hold of the garden and my thoughts are turning from Uggs and plaids to flowers and stripes.

For my inspiration I am torn between two films

The joyously kookie Annie Hall and the brilliant seventies styling
The edge of love, all nostalgic florals teamed with handknits and wellies

One thing unites them ~ the ubiquitous hat be it trilby, panama or floppy felt
( I am dusting off Grandpa's original and slightly frayed panama.)

Oh I don't know, shall we just have a nice cup of tea and think about it?

Those of you who know me well will have already deduced that wellies are of course non- negotiable whatever the rest of the outfit looks like! Tee hee........


  1. Diane Keaton is most definately a lady of style in my opinion.... as for the other outfits I just wish I were that tall and slim to be able to wear them !

  2. You just reminded me i'm not surviving another Canberra Winter without some new gum boots, i wear them everywhere, dog walking, markets, icey school drop offs . . . i'm thinking this year i deserve a treat from Laura Ashley or something very pretty. Love Posie

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  4. Watched the Edge of Love the other night (and loved it) so I'd go for that look with a large flower on your floppy hat.
    Carol xx
    (had to delete first post for very silly typo)

  5. oh i so want to go shopping now! i lurve the edge of love, sienna & keira are gorgeous in it, great styling :) wishing you a wonderful weekend sarah xx

  6. Oh the vintage florals and knits for me!Cx

  7. Great photos! I think, the only reason I liked "The Edge of Love" was because of the costumes -- and the lovely Welsh countryside.

  8. The Diane Keaton look is very sylish but I do also like the bohemian floral look. Not much help am I!
    Isabelle x


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