Thursday 24 March 2011

Indigo-violet spring

Morning broke bright - crisp - blue - and clear.
Hooray - This early bird has a stall at the Hever Spring Fair today.

The fair is being held in the pavilion at Hever Castle in Kent ( childhood home of Anne Boleyn. )

Walking from the car park at 7.30 am towards the lake the day was full of extraordinary promise. ( Before you think me terribly organised to be up and at them at such an ungodly hour I should say that the Lane is only two miles from the castle and I packed the car last night! )

I promptly set about unpacking my wares!

As I was finishing a friend whispered that she wanted to whizz out and see if the "blue garden" was out. The Blue Garden? What blue garden? I quizzed as she disappeared round the bend and through an archway.

Oh my goodness this exquisite garden unfurled before me, all hyacinths, violets and pansies sweet scents wafted into the morning breeze. All encasedwithin wonderful old brick walls I simply want to show you how beautiful it is.....

Just heavenly.....

Hmm, must get back to work!



  1. Hello,

    I would have been in heaven walking around that beautiful garden.

    Lou xxx

  2. My area is still in Winter's grasp so it is wonderful to see the blooms and garden walks.

    I am watching The Tudors on Netflix and knew immediately who lived at Hever Castle.

    I hope you had a successful day at the sale.

  3. wow, what a gorgeous surprise for you

  4. What a HEAVENLY place?!!! I'm sure you enjoyed your day! Cx

  5. Lovely photos of the blue flowers. We went to Hever Castle many years ago - it is a beautiful place.

  6. Right that is on my list of places to visit some day!

    I don't think I knew you had a little shop/business, but you are so creative, it makes perfect sense, and I can see from the photo it is gorgeous! Do you have an online emporium??

  7. Wow what a wonderful location for a fair. Hope it went well for you :)

    All things nice...

  8. If I am in Kent in March I must remember to go....How was the fair?

  9. Although I lived in Kent for 17 years, I don't recall visiting Hever Castle. I have been asking myself why. Your photos are so lovely, I really must go there when I next visit my sister.
    Isabelle x

  10. wow what a beautiful garden, I would love to see it. Your wares look great too!

  11. its beautiful!
    wish I could wander through it.... one day perhaps!

  12. What a pretty place my friend...oh now I am thinking wouldn't it be lovely to have a blue garden in my yard. I may just have to work on that. Hugs for a great sale and happy friday. xoxo

  13. Mmmmmmm - heavenly indeed.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Nina xxx

  14. That garden looks so beautiful. How did you do at the fair?
    Did you see my post last month with me stood by the moat dressed up in my long white socks aged 7?!
    Lisa x

  15. What a lovely country you live in! The Blue Garden is wonderful! I hope you had a great day and lots of sales!!

  16. What a fabulous really is blue. Hope the fair went well!

  17. I just found you via A Day In the Country and I am so glad I did. You have just reminded me how beautiful a BLUE garden is! I will be redoing some landscaping and I want to have a blue I just need spring and some sunshine!!!

  18. Hi Sarah
    Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.
    Just having a look through your older posts and saw Hever! Am not far away being near Brenchley, wish I'd known this was on as I would have popped along!
    We try to go to Hever atleast once a year and have done for years, but have never been this time of year - must try to see the blue garden before it fades.
    Looks like you had lots of goodies on your stall but can't see exactly what!
    Will have to delve a bit deeper!
    Glad I found you!


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