Monday 7 September 2009

Jolly Brolly

Well, there has been a lot of Autumnal talk about hasn't there?
Here down the Lane we like to think we are having a last late Summer Fling in these swirly warm days!
There are certainly leaves on the ground but there are roses coming around again too!
Time to Jolly the brolly and lunch al fresco!
and then as the sun goes down and the early evening light turns all pink and magical, time to imagine what the fairies will get up to in the garden whilst our backs are turned
I am dusting off my red cape, like Vianne, in Joanne Harris's "Chocolat" and hopping up to the smoke for a little Liberty indulgence...... back soon with my floral tales!
Have a lovely week x


  1. What a lovely post. I love the thought of the fairies coming out from behind some mushrooms and start dancing around the farden.
    I like what you have done with the bunting around the parasol. Have fun at Liberty, lucly girl. I look forward to going there in the Autumn. Look forward to your floral post.
    Isabelle x

  2. I used to want my ashes sprinkling in Libery's basement I loved it so much!!! Look forward to seeing what you buy!!

  3. 'Oh' you are such a teaser!! I dream of the bright lights of that strange and magical place called Lon Don - you lucky, lucky thing. Please do tell of your travels whence you return.

    Have a lovely time and make sure you spend 'loads'

    Nina x

  4. We were only there last week! Not that the OH and my son had much fun, me I love it with all that beautiful fabric. Have a fab time!!!
    I’m sure the fairies will have loads of fun with you in London! :0)

    Love the parasol…love Lou xxx

  5. Haven't been to Liberty for ages, but I have heard tell that it is a magical place!

    Pomona x

  6. Hiya Sarah,
    Just having a break from the packing-still got the kitchen and wardrobe to do yet! ergh!! So having a cuppa and enjoying reading your post from today! love the molly brett illustration of the fairies & creatures having a fun time at the circus :0) Oh and smartie says thank you very much mr.boodle for the slice of birthday cake! hehe! han x

  7. have fun and i love your jolly brolly!

  8. Your parasol looks very pretty indeed. Have fun in Liberty.
    Lisa x

  9. Just when you're thinking about getting ready for autumn, the sun comes out and its summer all over again! I love the little bunnies illustration. Chocolat is one of my favourite films. Enjoy Liberty's.

  10. What a beautiful garden. Hope you have lots of fun on your adventures.

  11. I love it when the fairies come out to play! That Jolly brolly is fantastic too! Suzie. xxx

  12. These days are giving us the best of both.. lovely warm golden days with mornings that nip..turning crisp..
    As I type this they are talking about Branscombe on the radio.. how serendipitous again.. are we on the same lay line I wonder?

    Michele xx


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