Thursday, 10 September 2009

Naturally Cosy

The winds have arced and turned, now the air is cool and blows in from the North.
I find myself yearning for simplicity, texture, neutrality, well with a gentle pop of colour of course!
Somewhere out there, in a parallel universe
(the one where Rose and the Doctor are happily co-habiting!)
I am absoloutely brilliant at knitting and crochet, and I knocked this up over a couple of weekends!

If only.....................

This weekend will be all about hunkering down with Him Down the Lane.
Snuggling up with mugs of milky hot chocolate, the papers and the Boodle cuddling up too!
I want a little quiet, a little cosiness and and just to be together.

I am so happy to have all your thoughts on the Midnight/Cadbury debate!
Drumroll please....................
Cadbury wins by one vote!
I have come up with an alternative solution

All these images came from my scrap-book pile, and were originally part of Living ETC. Red and Country Living.

Have a warm and cuddly weekend,
Love Sarah x


  1. Beautiful images, so cozy!
    Rachel x

  2. Love those little baby boots!

    Pomona x

  3. Glad Cadbury won, I just popped in to see the results. Have a beautiful day.

    Duchess xoxoxoxo

  4. Beautiful images - I'm with you on snuggling up this weekend with hot chocolate. Here's hoping the kiddies are just as accomodating!

    Nina x

  5. Aaaarrrggghhh, I NEED that cable knit chair!
    Hen xxx

  6. Beautiful pictures! I'm a country girl at heart. You have a lovely blog and I always enjoy visiting! Twyla

  7. Ooh I love the chair! Your description sounds so cosy, that is just what I would love to do this weekend.I look forward to lighting a fire in the evenings, a definate must for a cozy evening!
    I have enjoyed your scrap book photos, a lovely selection.
    Isabelle x

  8. Great images!
    I love that cable knit armchair! now that is what I call cosy!

    Lots of Love


  9. Oh my I so so adore this post today. The cosiness of it all...I am a nester so all these images fill my heart with joy! That chair cover is amazing...I fear I do not knit at all which is quiet odd for a nester! Thank you so much for this delightful post!

  10. Just me again...I had to add you to my sidebar as well! xoxoxox

  11. The weather forecast for the weekend here is 21cand sunny intervals, but come the evenings there will be a nip in the air, just right for some cosy snuggling behaviour!
    Enjoy your hot chocolate.
    Lisa x

  12. I always find september so difficult: cold evenings but warm days still so I can't justify switching on the Aga quite yet - and oh how I want to so that I can sit and have a cuppa in the morning with my socks all lovely and warm! t.x

  13. OOOh, if you were trying to capture cosy and put it on here, then you have succeeded beautifully! Suzie. xxx

  14. Sounds so wonderfully cosy, and I adore the cable chair cover. Have a sweet day! x

  15. I simply adore the name of your blog!! Darling, have a lovely weekend.

    Love, Hugs & Tea
    Duchess ♥♥♥

  16. I love September - you never know what it will throw at you, and I end up weaing totally inappropriate clothing for the weather. We are currently experiencing a most delightful Indian Summer so making the most of the lovely days, then lighting the Chimenea on an evening, adding a few layers and lighting up the gardens with candles. I love love love the chair!!

  17. enjoyed the visit here this morning :)


  18. Oh my gosh, I just have to have that chair it is fabulous..I wonder how difficult it would be to make one! I will add it to my list of things to do forthwith! As for the crochet rug..drooling..but how could you put it on the floor!!!! Dev x

  19. That chair cover is gorgeous. If only I could knock one of those up over the weekend.... Lovely pictures, I bet you had a wonderful time being cozy and looking through those. Enjoy your weekend.

  20. Cosy is fabulous isn't it. On Saturday the sun shone here and it was so hot. Great for a party, but later I wanted cold and snuggly. Well we got it today as it was freezing and rainy. I like your version with roaring fires and snuggling.

    Have a great week. Oh and Alfie says thankyou for his birthday wishes.

    Lisa x


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