Tuesday 8 September 2009

Liberty lovage

Hi I'm back! From here......

(these two chaps were just so hilarious, snort! how original to jump into the picture!)

Had to pause a while and enjoy the Flower Shop

The windows were fab as always but a bit tricky to capture on camera, this one gives you the general idea

And this one was a gem, a model of the fabulous building constructed from Hermes boxes, very cool, love that orange it THE happy colour!

I have been itching to see the "Liberty in print" event ever since Wee Birdy posted about it.

The "Betsy" print was used to great effect to wrap the back of the building on Carnaby Street, more on this later.


On the top floor they had this brilliant shed, each board covered in Tana Lawn, so joyous!

Now, I don't know how Hen (Henhouse) manages to take her shop pics but I am so scared of being castigated by someone fierce in horn-rimmed specs this picture was really daring of me!

Back to the building wrap!


I would like to do this on my house

(Sorry Mr.Lane, I will of course consult on the pattern).

Ah, it was all just as magical as I hoped it would be I saw many many trinkets and treasures which I have noted for Christmas presies for loved ones.

On the way home at Victoria I bought a magazine to read, and it had to be this as I just Love Rob Ryan and the cover is by him.

OK, OK I'll cut to the chase.

I bought these lovelies................................

4 Beautiful Tana lawn lengths and several metres of this luscious velvet ribbon.

Loved looking, loved choosing!
What are you going to use it for S-J DTL?

Well, the Tana lawn is going to be used to trim some old favourite cardis and sweatshirts. Elbow patches and such as well as becoming dresses for some dollies I am working on.

And that velvet ribbon?

Ah, now the first thing is to update my old favourites with a little wintry twist,

You like?

This ribbon is a beautiful blue which I have named Midnight.

And this a gorgeous royal purple which I have named Cadbury

So the question is, which is better

Midnight or Cadbury?

You decide.......leave me your votes!

I like both, foxy/Mr.Men I just can't decide so I shall be guided by you clever ones reading this!

Midnight, yum

Cadbury, Ooh!

Oh and then I got really carried away with those fairies again! and decided to update the white tennis shoe!

Crazy I know but I like it!

I also purchased this box containing notelets, really handy and pretty too


So, it has been a really fun day and I am looking forward to more customising and frou frou.

Thanks for coming along!

Off to build some tea now, see you soon

Love Sarah x


  1. Oh please stop, its excruciatingly lovely! i like Cadbury best, I think. Enjoy your tea! Suzie. xxx

  2. Greetings from the other side of the pond!

    Thank you so much for the photos of Liberty's! I had a magical visit to England way back in 1987 and made a pilgrimage there, but for some reason, my photos didn't turn out :~( But I bought a lot of Tana Lawn :~)

    As for the shoe ribbons, I'm partial to Cadbury :~)

    Elaine in Portland, Oregon, USA

  3. I’m going to go with midnight…but I do like them both! Those flowers outside the shop look lovely. If only I could have picked some out from the picture. My OH is on his way up too London now, he did ask if I would like to go…he is working and the shops will be shut. I had much more fun coming along with you.

    Love Lou xxx

    PS. Your shoes look fab!!!

  4. You could always crop those jokers out! I'd have to go for Cadbury, chocolate gets my vote any day!

    Pomona x

  5. It might help if I put the,so…before the much!!! xxx

  6. Ooooh, it looks gorgeous, I really must get along there, if only to see the back of the shop all flowery. I think I have come down on the side of Cadbury though you are a hard woman, making us choose! I have the lilacy flowered fabric, it's so pretty but I am hankering after the little blue flowery one. No no, stop, I am not to buy any more fabric. Am I? Thanks for the virtual shopping trip.
    Hen x
    P.S. I just take the photos, they've never asked me to stop...YET!

  7. I am so envious!!! I'm voting for Midnight. xx

  8. What a fun day out you had and doesn't Liberty look fab,

    Victoria xx

  9. Oooh Midnight, sounds dark exciting,starry a bit dangerous a lot romantic. Mmmmmm but Cadbury means........ CHOCOLATE! well after that no contest really it will have to be cadbury!

    Loved your photos, love the decorated back of the shop amazing. Have fun with gorgeous purchases. And I love your customising too, real funky.


  10. 'Ooohhhhhh' that is a difficult one. My taste buds are screaming Cadbury's but I think I prefer Midnight. Though here's one to throw into the pot - all the cool kids this summer have been wearing odd laces with their trainers/Converse/pumps - maybe you could go for that look!

    Nina x

  11. It’s no good…I’m going to go with Cadbury as well! :0)

    I’m so glad you liked my outfit, you were the only one too comment on it. ;0)

    Lou xxx

  12. OOh lovely! I like the midnight best I think but both are gorgeous.

  13. I hope you are going to show us your updated clothes too, I love what you did with the ribbon and I have to vote for Midnight.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Lisa x

  14. Yes I too want to see how you upcycle your cardis. I've covered buttons in Tana Lawn and put them on my thrifted cashmere cardigan but would love some inspiration as I have a stash of Liberty fabric waiting to be used!

  15. I love the shed and I too would really like a flowery house...

    check out http://peakprincess.blogspot.com for some Liberty loveliness...

    Kate x

  16. Love love love Liberty!!!

  17. oh it all looks fab, im always scared taking photos in shops! i like the midnight ribbon best! fliss xx

  18. Thanks so much for sharing your trip, now I really want to find some punnets to plant succulents in and of course to visit Liberty again for myself...

  19. Hi there. I just found your blog. That flowery house is absolutely lovely!! Thanks for all of the wonderful pictures. And I have to go with the Cadbury!! I look forward to catching up on all of your old posts!! I see that you like hydrangeas. I have twenty plus bushes that line my yard and I've blogged about them. They are starting to turn pink now so I'm due to take more pics if you want to stop by my blog and see them. : )

    ~ Wendy in New York

  20. Looks like you had a lot of fun, hope to see the redone cardis. Those shoelaces are fabulous, I think i prefer Cadbury. Glad you had a nice time.

  21. Hello my Liberty Lawn Lovely!
    Infectious liberty lovin' going on here!
    My vote ~ midnight in one shoe and Cadbury in the other!

  22. What a great day out! I haven't been there in ages! I like the Hermes diplay. I love their scarves, when I was single I used to treat myself to some. Now I focus on home things more.
    I like midnight best.
    The exterior of Liberty is fabulous, what a great idea! I wonder if it's a trend that will catch on?
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  23. Darling thank you so much for taking us on this tour, much appreciated. I vote for Cadbury!! Luv, thank you for visiting me and for the sweet comment you left behind, you are so kind. Your blog is also on my list of beau-TEA-ful friends blog and I will proudly follow you whereever you go.

    Love & Hugs

  24. Love Liberty, love tana lawn florals, love the tennis shoes and it has to be midnight for me! Rebecca x

  25. THank you for sharing! All so very lovely...especially the building wrap...Wow!

  26. What lovely things you bought! And Lovely photos too!
    I have just found you from Florence and Mary and am looking forward to seeing more!

    Lots of Love

    Kelly xxx

  27. Oh sweet Liberty.. my mother and I would go there for a special treat when I was a lass.. I loved nothing more than to stand on the top floor and peer down the stairwell at all the different departments.. Mum even made me a long Liberty lawn dress.. wish I still had it... though might be a squeeze!
    My vote is for Midnight.. dark, dusky and so richly plush..
    Michele xxxx

  28. Ooh I do love that shop!

    Midnight for me!


  29. Love all your purchases the Midnight is beautiful.I visited Liberty a couple of weeks ago too and posted some photos of the flowery wall outside. I wasn't as brave as you and didn't dare take any photos inside so well done ! The prints on the fabric you chose are lovely.
    Ann x


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